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Kcdlonline An absolute necessity for educators. What is kcdlonline? kcdlonline is a searchable database that provides curriculum information on a broad.

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1 kcdlonline An absolute necessity for educators

2 What is kcdlonline? kcdlonline is a searchable database that provides curriculum information on a broad variety of subjects covered in PreK-12 and Adult Basic Education. With a growing database of over 7,500 curriculum documents, kcdlonline provides educators, curriculum developers, and other researchers with a direct link to the curricula they need and contact information on the agencies that issue the curricula.

3 Why kcdlonline? Development of curricula and standards is more important than ever Tracking down the latest curricula is time consuming With kcdlonline educators, curriculum developers, and other researchers can gain easy access to the resources they need to implement educational strategies and objectives, and improve learning in PreK-12 schooling Kcdlonline is Section 508 compliant, making it compatible with assistive technology

4 Benefits of kcdlonline Have easy access to over 7,500 curriculum documents from all across the English-speaking world Draw upon a host of developed curricula to help improve existing curricula or to create a new set Learn what standards have been adopted by different states and school districts Search for specific curricula by subject, keywords, forms of educational content, grades covered, and geographic location

5 More Benefits of kcdlonline Save time in tracking down the newest curricula and standards Access the full text of hundreds of curricula documents, covering all subjects and all grade levels Identify and retrieve the documents which are most relevant to your project Keep current via monthly updates

6 A Comprehensive Curricula Database Curricula, frameworks and standards Lessons and learning activities Educational objectives Educational content Instructional strategies Evaluative techniques Information in kcdlonline covers all disciplines, subjects, and grade levels found in PreK-12 th grade education and Adult Basic Education Users can limit their searches to only those records with full text documents attached kcdlonline contains fully-searchable data covering:

7 Sources of Curricula Information & Updates State departments of education and other Government agencies Colleges and universities Schools and school districts Regional educational consortia Special projects within schools Associations and other non-profit organizations Trade journals, conferences and other industry sources kcdlonline draws from thousands of sources, including:

8 Key Data Selection Criteria Currency (within past 3 years) Content requirements (consists of primary section(s), educational content, meets grade level criteria, etc.) Quality Geographic distribution Curricula from state departments of education are always included, as they establish the standards in each state

9 Curricula Acquisition and Management We maintain an ever-growing Developers File consisting of past, present and possible future curriculum contributors We analyze the last edition for state/subject strengths and weaknesses We contact developers via phone, mail, and fax (letters and permission forms are sent to potential contributors requesting curricula) We check curricula received for content, quality of print, pagination, blank pages, etc. We write and enter data into a new document record

10 Representative kcdlonline Data Fields Annotation Subjects Educational Content Name & Address of Issuing Agency Phone of Issuing Agency Fax of Issuing Agency of Issuing Agency Issuing Agency URL (if available) Primary Section Title Year Collation (# of pages) KCDL Edition Document Number PDF/Fiche Availability Document URL (if available) Grades Covered













23 Kcdlonline Customer Feedback KCDLonline is wonderful! Having managed a curriculum materials center for many years, I know how hard it has been to provide access to a wide variety of curriculum publications. KCDLonline makes this access a breeze as it is constantly adding full text availability to new publications from many different sources. Its search engine allows easy combination searching for such areas as grade, subject, type, date, and location. This product fills a real need. --Gary Lare, Ph.D., Head, Curriculum Resources Center, University of Cincinnati, and author of Acquiring and Organizing Curriculum Materials

24 kcdlonline vs. ERICs *eSubscribe The primary value lies in the approachability of the subject headings, the ease of combining attributes, and the selectivity of the Kraus documents. To achieve the same level of specificity in searching curriculum documents, ERIC searchers would need to have very good searching skills, incredible tenacity to experiment with the many different descriptors for educational content, and a good understanding of the application of ERIC descriptors for educational level. The organizing structure of records in the KCDL corresponds more readily than the ERIC descriptors to practices of curriculum description in schools, in school districts, in state agencies and in schools of education.

25 kcdlonline vs. ERICs *eSubscribe A review of several similarly-constructed searches in ERIC and KCDL found that often more records were retrieved in ERIC, but wading through them for the specified curriculum attributes available in the Kraus searches required a large investment of time. Many of the ERIC documents were more peripherally related to curriculum despite the use of appropriate ERIC publication types and descriptors.

26 kcdlonline vs. ERIC (contd) The KCDL is a tremendously useful resource for an education library…While similar curriculum content is available through the ERIC documents, KCDL has maintained a selected, targeted, well-described collection. The level of curriculum description and the ease of focused searching in KCDL significantly distinguish it from ERIC. --The Charleston Advisor, January 2002

27 Annual Subscription Offering Access to over 3,500 full text documents, with more being added every month Access to the online version of the KCDL Cumulative Index (detailed descriptions and availability information for thousands of curricula and standards, including links to agency and document URLs where available) PDF copy of the current editions Shelf List available by request Monthly usage statistics

28 System Requirements Best viewed using IE 4.x, Netscape 4.x and higher versions of both web browsers Minimum 32 megabytes of memory; 64 megabytes is recommended due to the size of some of the PDF files As with all Web services, best viewed when using a DSL Internet connection or higher IP address verification (example: ##.###.*.*) Proxy servers User ID and Password

29 Pricing Annual subscriptions for academic institutions range in price from $800 to $1,850, based on student FTE Consortium discounts are available

30 Contact Information Sales, Customer Service & Trial Inquiries: Evie Duncan, KCDL Manager Mary Heffernan, Editorial Assistant Curricula, Developers & Content Inquiries: Evie Duncan, KCDL Manager Mary Heffernan, Editorial Assistant Technical Support Inquiries: Evie Duncan, KCDL Manager Mary Heffernan, Editorial Assistant All can be reached via at All can be reached via fax at URL is

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