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Nimrod/G GRID Resource Broker and Computational Economy

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1 Nimrod/G GRID Resource Broker and Computational Economy
David Abramson, Rajkumar Buyya, Jon Giddy School of Computer Science and Software Engineering Monash University, Melbourne, Australia {davida, rajkumar,

2 Computing Power (HPC) Drivers
Solving grand challenge applications using computer modeling, simulation and analysis E-commerce/anything Life Sciences Aerospace Digital Biology CAD/CAM Military Applications Military Applications Military Applications

3 Computing Platforms Evolution Breaking Administrative Barriers
2100 ? PERFORMANCE 2100 Administrative Barriers Individual Group Department Campus State National Globe Inter Planet Universe Desktop (Single Processor?) SMPs or SuperComputers Local Cluster Enterprise Cluster/Grid Global Cluster/Grid Inter Planet Cluster/Grid ??

4 Global Computational Grids

5 Grid Resource Management: Challenging Issues
Authentication (once) Specify simulation (code, resources, etc.) Discover resources Negotiate authorization, acceptable use, Cost, etc. Acquire resources Schedule Jobs Initiate computation Steer computation Access remote data-sets Collaborate on results Account for usage Domain 1 Domain 2 Ack.: globus..

6 Grid Components … … … … Grid Apps. Scientific Engineering
Applications and Portals Grid Apps. Scientific Engineering Collaboration Prob. Solving Env. Web enabled Apps Development Environments and Tools Grid Tools Languages Libraries Debuggers Monitoring Resource Brokers Web tools Distributed Resources Coupling Services Grid Middleware Comm. Sign on & Security Information Process Data Access QoS Local Resource Managers Operating Systems Queuing Systems Libraries & App Kernels TCP/IP & UDP Grid Fabric Networked Resources across Organisations Computers Clusters Storage Systems Data Sources Scientific Instruments

7 Computational Market Model for Grid Resource Management
Grid Information Server(s) Info ? Health Monitor Grid Node N Grid Explorer Application Job Control Agent Grid Node 2 Grid Node1 Schedule Advisor Trading Trade Server Charging Alg. Trade Manager Accounting Resource Reservation Other services Deployment Agent Jobs Resource Allocation Grid User Grid Resource Broker R1 R2 Rm Grid Resource/Control Domains Grid Middleware

8 What is Nimrod/G ? A global scheduler for managing and steering task farming (parametric simulation) applications on computational grid based on deadline and computational economy. Key Features A single window to manage & control experiment Resource Discovery Trade for Resources Scheduling Steering & data management It allows to study the behaviour of some of the output variables against a range of different input scenarios.

9 Nimrod/G Grid Resource Broker Architecture
Nimrod/G Client Nimrod/G Client Nimrod/G Client Nimrod/G Engine Schedule Advisor Grid Bookkeeper Trading Manager Grid Dispatcher Grid Explorer Grid Middleware Globus,Legion, Condor-g,, Ninf,etc. TM TS GE GIS Grid Information Server(s) RM & TS RM & TS RM & TS L N G G Ninf enabled node. Globus enabled node. L C RM: Local Resource Manager, TS: Trade Server Condor enabled node.

10 Nimrod/G Interactions
Resource location Grid Info servers Scheduler Trade Server Resource allocation (local) Prmtc.. Engine Dispatcher Process server Queuing System Job Wrapper User process I/O server File access Root node Gatekeeper node Computational node

11 A Nimrod/G Client Cost Deadline Legion hosts Globus Hosts
Bezek is in both Globus and Legion Domains

12 Change deadline/budget + Monitor activities

13 Adaptive Scheduling algorithms ...
Locate more Machines Locate Machines Establish Rates Re-distribute Jobs Meet requirements ? Deadlines and Budget Distribute Jobs


15 Nimrod/O: Automatic Design Optimization
Search parameter space rather than exploring all options Nimrod/O Declarative Plan File Simulated Annealing Divide & Conquer Simplex P-BFGS Job Control Function Requests Values Nimrod or Clustor Super computer Cluster Jobs Results Nim Cache Active Sheets - Excell cell func()s execution on the Grid NimCache Nimrod/G

16 Related Work & Further Info.
AppLeS (UC. San Diego) application level scheduling templates case-by-case for different Apps, soon PST. NetSolve (UTK/ORNL) -- API for creating farms Home,, …. Millennium (UC. Berkeley) remote execution environment on clusters and supports computational economy CODINE/GRD (Genias/Gridware) meets deadline by dominating over others share. Mariposa- Distributed Database system (UC, Berkeley) query with budget, creates sub-query & dividesbudget, trades with (remote) servers More Info --

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