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A Real (Fast) Walk in the Woods With Raymond Greenlaw Pacific Crest Trail 2003.

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1 A Real (Fast) Walk in the Woods With Raymond Greenlaw Pacific Crest Trail 2003

2 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 OUTLINE Introduction Schedule FAQ Gear Photos Book

3 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 Length: 2,659 mi. High: 13,200 ft. Low: 190 ft. States: California, Oregon, Washington INTRODUCTION

4 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 SCHEDULE

5 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 Date May Day # ResupplyLocation in Evening 1 Boulder Oaks Campground 2 GPioneer Mail Trailhead 3 Highway 78 4 Barrel Springs 5 MChihuahua Valley Road 6 MPines-to-Palms Highway 7 G, M, LIdyllwild 8 Falls Creek Road 9 Mission Creek 10 Arrastre Trail 11 G, M, LBig Bear 12 Deep Creek 13 GSilverwood Lake 14 G, M, LCajon Canyon 15 Guffy Campground 16 Little Rock Creek 17 Big Buck Trail Campground 18 G, MDarling Road 19 G, M, LLake Hughes 20 GLancaster Miles MPD Total Miles MAY

6 ResupplyLocation in Evening Miles MPD Total Miles Tyler Horse Canyon G, M, L (md) Mojave, Whites Golden Oaks Spring Landers Creek Bird Spring Pass Trail Side Campsite Canebreak Road G (md, shoes) Kennedy Meadows Camp Death Canyon Guyot Creek G, M, L Independence Upper Palisade Lake South Fork San Joaquin River G, M, L Vermillion Valley Reds Meadows G, M, L Toulemne Smedberg Lake's Outlet West Fork West Walker River Paradise Valley ,030.7 The Nipple ,064.9 G, M, L Echo Lake ,089.4 Saddle after Tahoe ,121.7 Peter Grub Hut ,157.3 G, M, L Sierra City ,191.5 West Branch Nelson Creek ,220.2 Spring after Bear Creek ,253.7 G, M, L Belden Town Resort ,283.1 (md, shoes) Junction to Butt Mountain ,319.2 Lower Twin Lake ,355.7 G,M,L Hat Creek Rim ,389.7 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 JUNE Date Day # June

7 ResupplyLocation in Evening Miles MPD Total Miles G,M Rock Creek ,422.9 Deer Creek ,461.7 G Castella ,499.7 Spur Trail to Deadfall Lake ,536.4 Bloody Run Trail ,571.6 Babs Fork Kiddler Creek ,607.8 G,M Gridder Creek Footbridge ,643.7 Lowdens Cabin ,677.4 Saddle Below Ashland Inn ,716.1 G,M Junction to Soda Creek ,751.9 Christi's Spring ,788.3 G,M,L Crater Lake Lodge ,829.8 Tipsoo Peak ,861.4 West Shore of Unmapped Lake ,891.6 G Cluster of Three Ponds ,922.8 G, M Elk Lake Resort ,953.2 (md, shoes) Lava Camp Lake ,983.1 Rockpile Lake ,015.5 G Olallie Lake Ranger Station ,047.8 Crater Creek ,083.8 G, M Crest's End ,118.2 G, M, L Cascade Locks ,150.2 Panther Creek ,186.5 Steamboat Lake Spur Trail ,225.3 Leave Last Pond ,260.4 G, M Naches Washington ,298.0 Bullion Basin Trail ,335.7 Seasonal Creek ,369.5 G, M, L Snoqualimie Pass ,396.6 (shoes?) Waptus River Trail ,435.7 M Stevens Pass , Pacific Crest Trail 2003 JULY July Date Day #

8 ResupplyLocation in Evening Miles MPD Total Miles Reflection Pond ,506.2 Gamma Creek ,541.4 M Bridge Creek ,577.3 Trailside Camp ,613.9 Manning Park Lodge , Pacific Crest Trail 2003 AUGUST Aug Date Day #

9 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 FAQ

10 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 GEAR

11 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 Clothes: 52.3 oz Clothes Worn: 50.0 oz In Hands: 21.6 oz Main Gear: 80.9 oz Miscellaneous: 31.1 oz Occasional Gear: 36.5 oz Pack weight: oz Weight on person: 71.6 oz TOTALS:

12 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 PHOTOS






18 Pacific Crest Trail 2003 BOOK Dedicated to those who supported me and to those who hiked with me. You made it beautiful. You made it worthwhile. You made it fulfilling. You made it special. You enhanced my dream. You are part of me. A Real (Fast) Walk in the Woods: Quest for a Speed Record on the Pacific Crest Trail by Raymond Greenlaw For You

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