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Charles Mader Mader Consulting Co. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Cloud Storage

2 Japan Tsunamis Over 195 tsunamis in 1,313 years – 1 event every 6.73 years. Sept 20, 1498 ~8.6 M earthquake Great Buddha of Kamakura cast in bronze in 1252, 103 tons, 44 feet high, eyes 3 feet apart, located at 50 feet ASL and ½ mile from shore. Buddha moved by tsunami from its original site and temple destroyed.

3 3/11/2011 Earthquake - CalTech
Japan Trench where subducting Pacific Plate is overridden by Okhotsk Plate. Fault slip 8-meter contours – 50 m max uplift – 250 km length, with km over 30 m uplift “Instead of saying a large earthquake wouldn’t happen there, we should have said we didn’t know.” – Hiroo Kanamori

4 Tsunami caused by uplift of the frontal sedimentary region on eastern margin as the island of Honshu moved 17 feet eastward. PMEL Source Death Toll 15, /17/2011 Missing ,093 Total ,186 In Shelters 115,433 Uplift of ~25 meters


6 Miyako Tsunami Barrier
Tsunami Height – 11.5 meter, Seawall 7.6 meter Run-up heights of 19.5 and 25.5 meter, Over roof of 4th floor building near coast

7 Miyako Tsunami

8 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant A 150 foot high splash as Tsunami impacts the turbine building, passes over its roof and strikes adjacent reactor building. The lower height structures including the diesel generators are already submerged Plant had a 19 foot high levee. The tsunami wave height was ~46 feet.


10 SWAN Numerical Model of Tsunami reaching Hawaii
Source SWAN Numerical Model of Tsunami reaching Hawaii 2 meter contour



13 ----0 Tide ---



16 Makaha Beach – Mark Suiso
9 Feet Runup

17 Dan Walker’s North Shore Survey
17.5 ft

18 Haleiwa Harbor 7 Foot Run-up

19 Keehi Harbor

20 Keehi Harbor 70% boats damaged or lost

21 16 Feet

22 Kona Village Hotel Hales

23 Kealakekua Bay

24 Kealakekua Bay

25 Napoopoo

26 Napoopoo 16 feet runup -Walker

27 Napoopoo


29 Kona, Hawaii Tsunami

30 Max Run-up 109 feet 125 feet Death Zone 33 feet 50 feet
2004 Indian Ocean Japan Max Run-up feet feet Death Zone feet feet Fritz/Meadows feet EQ Length km km Deaths , ,000 To survive move to above 100 ft ASL, or above 4th floor if you feel an earthquake or a Tsunami Alert

31 Available at - in Tsunami Lectures

32 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake Tsunami Runup and Inundation Data for Sites Around the Island of Hawai‘i By Frank A. Trusdell, Amy Chadderton, Graham Hinchliffe, Andrew Hara, Brent Patenge, and Tom Weber




36 Napoopoo Point

37 Water reached Top of 2X4’s Store Front Walls at Keauhou Bay

38 Kihilo Bay

39 TSUNAMI Science and Hawaii Hazards Lectures on Cloud - http://is
TSUNAMI Science and Hawaii Hazards Lectures on Cloud and on DVD - PPT at The 3/2011 Japan Tsunami in Hawaii - PACON12 Presentation 12/26/2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami - 300,000 Deaths 3/11/2011 Honshu Tsunami – 25,000 Deaths Hawaii Tsunami Hazard from M9 Earthquake like 12/26/2004 Tsunami Hazard to Hawaii from Landslides and Asteroids Tsunami Hazard for Hawaii Kai, Hawaii 1946, 1960, 1964 Hawaii Tsunamis 11/3/1994 Skagway Landslide generated Tsunami 7/8/1955 Lituya Bay Landslide generated 1600 ft High Tsunami 8/27/1883 Krakatoa Volcanic Explosion generated Tsunami 11/1/1758 Lisbon Tsunami KT Chiczulub Asteroid Impact and Tsunami Projectile Impact and Explosion Generated Waves

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