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Kit Carson Fourteener # 51 August 29, 1959. Kit Carson from Crestone Needle.

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1 Kit Carson Fourteener # 51 August 29, 1959

2 Kit Carson from Crestone Needle

3 Humboldt from Kit Carson

4 Crestones from Kit Carson


6 San Luis Valley from top Kit Carson

7 Dean Taylor and Don Bunker on top of Kit Carson. Don Bunker showing splinted finger broken catching a rock on Crestone Needle – and perhaps his evaluation of photographer

8 North and South Maroon Bells Fourteeners # 52 and 53 September 4, 1959 15 Hours Roundtrip 6 hrs to North Maroon, 2 hrs to South Maroon via ridge. 6 hrs back to Camp via yellow Dyke

9 Maroon Lake

10 Emily West – on North Maroon – Strongest Climber Carries the Rope

11 South Maroon from North Maroon The ridge is as rough as it looks and rotten sedimentary rock

12 North Maroon from South Maroon Emily West

13 Maroon Bells from Thunder Pyramid

14 SNOWMASS Fourteener # 54 September 6, 1959 6 hrs up, 2 hrs return from Crystal Lake. 4 hr backpack to Crystal Lake Climbed 9/1/1981 on Bob Cowan 54 th Fourteener (234 th ) from Snowmass Lake.

15 Crystal Lake - Campsite

16 Snowmass Ridge

17 Snowmass Lake

18 Hagerman Ridge from Saddle between Snowmass and Hagerman

19 Snowmass Ridge to Hagerman Peak


21 Emily West Celebration Rock Throw to Capitol

22 Fifty Four Finally Celebration 65th climber to climb all 14ters September 12, 1959 In Charles Maders Los Alamos, NM Bachelor Apartment Mountain Climbers in Red – Gene Tate finished in July 1982 climbing the 54 peaks as 249 th climber Emily West became Emily Willbanks After her husband died in Nevada Test Site car crash, Liz Gittings became Liz Marshall

23 Ken Sinclair, Emma Jean Sinclair/Mader (future wife) Irene Plodis/ Bubernak, Emily West

24 Howard Cady, Joyce Cady, Zora Slade, Emma Jean Sinclair/Mader

25 Emma Jean Sinclair Mader, Helen Tate, Liz Gittings, Jim Crook, Emily West

26 Gene Tate, Joe Bubernak, Tom and Jan Newton

27 Emily West, Tom Doyle, Gary Schott

28 Gary Schott, Dean Taylor Ken Sinclair, To become Mrs. Schott, Thomas

29 In Memorial - 2009 Gene Tate Elizabeth Gittings /Marshall Emily West /Willbanks Gary Schott Don Bunker Frank Pretzel Herb Ungnade Marv Tinkle George Bell

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