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Night of the Pufflings

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2 Night of the Pufflings

3 The groundhog came out of his burrow because it was a beautiful day. holes dug in the ground by animals for shelter or protection when someone gives you permission to use something. made from the wool of a sheep

4 My friend made a clubhouse out of an old cardboard box. stiff material made of layers of paper pressed together. something that you can drink out of a card glued to a wooden board

5 When we were hiking, Lauren held my hand so she wouldnt fall off the cliff. a very steep slope of rock or clay a type of bike a job for people who sew

6 I saw the baby chick hatch from its egg. to come out from the egg a game to be played by two people to sing a beautiful song

7 I would not want to be stranded on an island with a hungry lion. a body of land surrounded by water a place to buy groceries a bumpy road leading to a swimming pool

8 The scientists were searching for a dinosaur fossil. examining carefully calling a friend on the telephone breaking with your hands

9 The mans stomach was buried underground. beneath the surface of the ground made of sand high in the air

10 Click on the box next to the vocabulary word you were on. burrow cardboard cliff hatchisland searching underground

11 Great Job! Remember, practice makes perfect.

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