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Thunder Cake Vocabulary Review By: Patricia Polacco.

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2 Thunder Cake Vocabulary Review By: Patricia Polacco

3 Directions: Pick the answer that you feel is the BEST answer. Remember that more than one choice may sound correct. Make sure you think about your answer.

4 thunder The thunder shook the house. The loud noise that accompanies or follows a flash of lightning. The flashing of light produced by a discharge of electricity. Vivid and extensive flashes of electric light.

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6 measured The students measured items around the classroom. to touch or grasp by extending a part of the body to come upon by searching or effort Found the size or amount of anything.

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8 distance The distance between our houses is 20 miles. The amount by which things are different. A place far away The period when something occurs.

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10 recipe I asked my grandma for her gumbo recipe because it is delicious. A direction given A set of directions for preparing something to eat. The guidance of an action.

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12 weather The weather today is below 30 degrees and rainy. To become warm or hot. The condition of the air at a certain place and time. having or being a temperature that is uncomfortably low.

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14 bolt To move rapidly. To break by striking or knocking. The lightning bolt struck a house nearby. A flash of lightning.

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16 horizon The artist painted a beautiful horizon. areas of land as distinguished from sea and air The line where Earth and sky seem to meet. weather in the upper atmosphere

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18 bellowed The announcer bellowed out the winner of the contest. To voice a sudden sharp loud cry. Made a loud deep noise; roared To make known publicly

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20 luscious Very pleasing to taste, smell, hear, see, or feel. to emit the odor of Pleasing to taste The luscious smell of food made me hungry.

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22 Congratulations You Did It!

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