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Service «Integrum Companies»

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1 Service «Integrum Companies»

2 About Integrum Companies New reliable system for analysis of all kinds of data Official information on financial and corporate structure of legal entities. Estimation of activity performance of competitors. Investment planning. Search for new clients and partners and their evaluation. Information, available for the subscribers: accounting documents production output account details of enterprises finance financial ratios investments state contracts prices of producers consumer prices foreign economic activity of a company, export, import staff and salaries Among sources that provide the data on Russia are: Federal State Statistics Service Official Single Register of Legal Entities Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs Magazine «Vestnik gosudarstvennoj registracii» Federal Financial Market Service Agencies АК&M, AZIPI-Inform Central Bank of Russia Federal Treasury of Russia Archive of arbitration awards Newspaper «Kommersant» Newspaper «Rossijskaja Gazeta» Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks Information agency «Valaam» Sources of information on foreign companies (information upon order): Credit Inform Dun & Bradstreet BUREAU van DIJK

3 Information sources Use simple, user-friendly interface to search and analyze the data from the open sources Integrum – electronic database of Russian press «Kommersant» information on bankruptcies «Rossijskaja Gazeta» Updated: weekly Statistic data Updated: monthly Balance sheets: yearly FFMS accounting of issuers Updated: quarterly Federal Tax Service Incorporators, account details Updated: daily Banks of Russia Updated: monthly Courts of arbitration Updated: daily Federal Treasury State contracts Updated: daily

4 Means of data search and analysis You can search for the information through all the Integrum databases Registration data, accounts, licenses Structure of the companies, incorporators, affiliated companies Activity, patents, state contracts Financial data, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts Statements of Federal Financial Market Service Connections of the company by CEO, location, other persons Information on bankruptcies, courts of arbitration More than 5 million of Russian enterprises registered on the territory of the Russian Federation

5 Visual representation of data Courts and trials The data to work with are represented in the form of graphs and tables. You can also download the data. Corporate structure Active graphs and tables

6 Tools Search for a group of companies of several parameters Keep abrest of any data amendments of the studied company due to the automatic alerts Browse information of mass media, automatic move to the function of search in mass media through Integrum databases Reveal competitors Order an extract from the Official Single Register of Legal Entities View companys addresses and location in Excel in Word for print Use additional possibilities

7 Analytic resource - Navigator Use intellectual system to analyze the connections of the studied object

8 Contact us To get the information on subscription to Integrum Companies out of the Russian Federation please contact Integrum World Wide at

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