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Patent Strategists Fernandez & Associates LLP Menlo Park, CA

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1 Patent Strategists Fernandez & Associates LLP Menlo Park, CA

2 Fernandez & Associates LLP High-technology lawyers specializing in early-stage communications, semiconductor, and biotechnology companies. I NTELLECTUAL P ROPERTY S TRATEGY P ATENT P ROSECUTION

3 Fernandez & Associates LLP Senior Patent Attorneys D ENNIS F ERNANDEZ, Managing Partner P ETER S U, Partner I RENE H U, Of Counsel

4 Fernandez & Associates LLP Strategic Patent Practice I NTELLECTUAL P ROPERTY A UDIT (Damage Control) C ORE T ECHNOLOGY P ROTECTION (Defensive Patents) A NTI - C OMPETITIVE B LOCKING (Offensive Patents)

5 Fernandez & Associates LLP I.P. Audit Service (Damage Control) Investor I.P. Diligence Infringement / Ownership Analyses Technology Portfolio Management Patent Committee Oversight

6 Fernandez & Associates LLP Core Technology Protection (Defense) System Architecture / Product Design External Interfaces / Protocol Sequences Enabling Devices / Concepts / Algorithms Internal Data Structures / Control Functions Design / Manufacture / Test Methodologies Key Operational Modes / Proprietary States

7 Fernandez & Associates LLP Anti-Competitive Blocking (Offense) Market Strategy / Business Plan Alignment Competitive I.P. / Technology Research Acquisition / Partner I.P. Rights Positioning Emerging Industry Standards Projection Strategic Licensing / Enforcement Models Business Methods / Platform Development

8 Fernandez & Associates LLP Representative Clients Communications –Alidian, Archway, Avanex, Big Bear, Cspeed, Cyras (Ciena), Ethertronics, Genoa, GWCom, InPhi, Marvell, Morphics, NovaCrystals, Sibercore, Silicon Access, SiRF, Tollbridge Semiconductor –Covalent, ICMedia, Monterey Design, NDSP (Pixelworks), ), Pivotal (Broadcom), SandCraft, Silicon Perspective (Cadence), Stream Machine (Cirrus) Biotechnology –Cepheid, Filgen, GenMatrix, Medoptix, Pharsight

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