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CYBERSAFETY Presentations Keeping Safe on the Internet.

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1 CYBERSAFETY Presentations Keeping Safe on the Internet


3 Bebo is a popular social networking website. It's used in Ireland, Canada,USA,UK,NZ,AUS. Bebo is mostly used by young people e.g. teens and tweens.


5 Only add friends that you know and trust !!!

6 You can talk to your friends and play games online with them. You can communicate with Family away or in another country.

7 Some of the risks when using this might be.. - Strangers going on your profile - Randoms adding you. - People stealing personal information. - People might stalk you.

8 You can … - Make your profile private - Only add/have friends that you know/met in person. Be Safe.

9 Cyber Safety Guide to online safety. In this I’ll tell you what you need to stay cyber safety. Tips. Tricks. Just imagine… Web addresses.

10 Good Tips You should not give anyone your password or address. Then watch out for cookies which are these things that trace your password to the person who sent it and they can then get into your account, so watch out for them.

11 Helpful Tricks First you should make sure that you don’t share you’re information. Second don’t go to dangerous or rude websites which people can trick you in giving them very personal information.

12 Web Addresses and list of sources which can help. WWW. CYBERNETRIX.COM WWW. CYBERSAFETY.COM WWW. GOOGLE.CO.NZ WWW. Yahoo. com

13 Just imagine… You and your friends are on the computer playing a online cyber game, then somebody asks for your password and personal information, you know this person well… so will you give them your password? Or not?.

14 The conclusion. Just remember to always ask your parents before going onto the internet and Computer so they know what you are doing.

15 Cyber safety is really important so that you can keep safe on the internet and have fun without getting into trouble. Or bullied by other people.

16 Bad things that can happen going into chat rooms Most of the times people go onto chat rooms because there lonely. But this is bad because it means you are meeting somebody you don’t know. You don’t know who he/she really is he lying about himself/herself People in chat rooms can find out all about you by simple thing like giving out your name and in less than 45 minute people can find out where you live go to school and where your house and what your home number is. »Advice Never go into chat rooms on the web without telling a adult you trust Be careful what you say and make sure you chat to people you know and have seen in person Online shopping can be dangerous as some sites are frud as when you buy something and give out your credit card details the people that you think your buying something from are actually spending your money

17 flaming On the Internet, flaming is when someone is being cruel or insulting people they are talking to it is a verbal lashing in public. It is insulting interaction between internet users

18 How to deal with flaming If you are thinking of calling a fire fighter this is not going to work You should tell a trusted adult Don’t talk to the person block them out If it gets really bad tell the police


20 Games click here to select a game

21 sources Sources I used was Online Safety Quiz

22 YouTube By Grace, Luka and Tommy By Grace, Luka and Tommy

23 What is YouTube? YouTube is a site where you go to… watch videos look at pictures watch animations And look at videos that are related to school e.g. Osmosis, plant cells….

24 How Do You Use YouTube? You type www.YouTube. Com into the address bar. www.YouTube Then when it has loaded you type the name of the video that you are looking for into the search box. Then when it has loaded you type the name of the video that you are looking for into the search box. Lots of videos will come up. So you click on the one that you would like to watch.

25 YouTube Sign…

26 YouTube looks like…

27 Why is YouTube popular? YouTube is popular because… You can find lots of different videos like… Funny videos, music videos and scary videos. Watch animations and look at pictures. You can also join and put your own videos on.

28 Risks: It could go into something inappropriate. If you download a video you have a chance of getting a virus.

29 How to deal with these risks Viruses. Get virus protection. Don’t go on it if it looks dodgy. Inappropriate Material. Be specific in what you want to find. Put a block on inappropriate material.

30 How To Block Things You go onto the internet, get the toolbar up (press ALT) then click on tools Go down to internet options and go onto security. Click on restricted sites then you can type in the site that you want to block. You go onto the internet, get the toolbar up (press ALT) then click on tools Go down to internet options and go onto security. Click on restricted sites then you can type in the site that you want to block.

31 liink’zliink’zliink’zliink’z TRICKS

32 Liink’zLiink’z Netsmartz Cybernetrix These are some great ways to show you what happens when you give out your personal information. And they have fun games for kids as well. Enjoy!

33 Ok, so what do you do if someone is scaring you on a chat line or whatever? Well there are three easy steeps for this…  FIRST-ignore them they are usually looking for a bite from you and if you ignore them they will move on!  SECOND-block them. Hopefully they will back off!  THIRDLY-if they don’t leave you alone tell an adult! They will know what to do and can help.

34 Here is an easy as STICKY situation you can get your self into without knowing it. Ok I know its totally wicked to like upload pics of your self on like bebo or whatever but little dudes remember there some totally sick and twisted people are out there aye, and someone that may not like you very much or maybe just some random pervert could cut your face of that pic and paste it onto a nude pic they found on a porno website and send it around the net! Do you really want to be a porn star?? So bee careful!

35 Ok lets talk about malware… If you get a e-mail asking you to download something, now unless you know anything about this product like if you are wanting to down load and you have already checked it out and it is all good I suggest you don’t download it! This e-mail could be attached to malware which is basically a bug that can stuff up your whole computer system like it could lock your keyboard or send random e- mails to your friends.


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