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Thuringia English for OBS Engineering students 30.04.2010.

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1 Thuringia English for OBS Engineering students

2 Project 62 The green heart of Germany Inhabitants: 2,254,000 Area: 16,172 m 2 GDP: 48.9 million euros

3 Project 63 Coat of arms and its meaning Lion of Thuringia 8 stars the 8 former districts in Prussia

4 Project 64 Important sights, towns and cities Erfurt Gera Jena Weimar Nordhausen Suhl Wartburg (Eisenach) Barbarossa Monument

5 Project 65 Erfurt - Capital of Thuringia Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Severus Church Merchants Bridge

6 Project 66 Erfurt Petersberg EGA

7 Project 67 Suhl The town of Suhl has become famous for its tradition of weapons.

8 Project 68 Barbarossa Monument

9 Project 69 Wartburg Eisenach and its fortress of Wartburg are world renowned. The fortress is included in the list of UNESCO world cultural heritage sites.

10 Project 610 Important people Thuringia is rich with various monuments and sights. These people lived and worked here: Johann Wolfgang Goethe Richard Wagner Friedrich Schiller Johann Sebastian Bach Martin Luther

11 Project 611 Thuringian Forest

12 Project 612 Thuringia Zoo

13 Project 613 Countryside Harz Kyffhäuser Brocken railway

14 Project 614 Thuringia´s museums and theatres Bach's birthplace in Eisenach - light show

15 Project 615 Museums Panorama Museum, the Sistine Chapel of the North. A painting by Werner Tübke.

16 Project 616 Theatres Thuringia has the densest network of theatres. Nordhausen Weimar Jena

17 Project 617 Thuringian Churches Ichtershausen 1150 Bad Klosterlausnitz Romanesque Erfurt Neuhaus 1892 Gothic Kirschkau Suhl Baroque

18 Project 618 Famous beers and spirits from Thuringia

19 Project 619 Spirits of Nordbrand Nordhausen Eiskorn EiskräuterDoppelkorn

20 Project 620 Thuringian cuisine Thuringian dumplings Thuringian sausage

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