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Cooperative Learning: Understand it better, Retain it longer, Apply it later.

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1 Cooperative Learning: Understand it better, Retain it longer, Apply it later

2 What is Cooperative Learning? A working definition… the use of small groups through which students together maximize their own and each other’s learning. The group or team uses specific techniques to make sure everyone in the group meets the defined goals. NOBODY gets to slack off, and no member gets stuck with all the work.

3 Traditional vs. Cooperative Responsible for self vs. Responsible for all No interdependence vs. Positive interdependence No individual accountability vs. Individual accountability Social skills assumed vs. Social skills taught Teacher primary source vs. Students major source One leader vs. Shared leadership

4 Positive Interdependence The efforts of each person benefit not only that individual, but everyone else in the group Commitments are made to personal success as well as the success of every member of the group. Tasks are divided into jobs/roles One set of notes for group Reward is earned by group, not an individual

5 Accountability Each member must complete his portion for the group to move forward Groups process each activity by asking two questions: What did our group do well? and What areas could we improve the next time? Groups, jobs, and roles change for each new activity The results are attributed to the efforts of the group; therefore, motivating individuals to pull their weight

6 Skills Effective leadership Good decision making Established trust Communication Conflict resolution These skills are developed by setting ground rules, which are determined in the early weeks of the term by the students.

7 Rules of Engagement Be on time Listen Give everyone a chance to speak Have enough materials for all members Come to class prepared and ready to work If absent during activity, individual reward lost, not group

8 Benefits Student retention Deeper understanding of material Retain information for longer period of time Can apply new skills Builds connections: student/student and student/faculty Increases learning skills and social skills Improves on-task behavior

9 What’s needed? Roles (be sure to explain each role prior to assigning) Lesson Plan (a new one for each activity) Identify Cooperative Learning Activity dates on syllabus and send reminders so that students come to class prepared Be an active participant in the activity by visiting each group, ask questions, offer support… be visible

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