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Welcome at the Johannes Gutenberg-University MAINZ!

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1 Welcome at the Johannes Gutenberg-University MAINZ!
Information of the Sociology Department for our International Students

2 Overview Studying in the Capital of Rheinland-Pfalz Mainz – Living in the Capital The Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Presentation of the Campus Sourrounding and Excursions Germany, „Rheinland-Pfalz“ and „Hessen“

3 Studying in the Capital of „Rheinland-Pfalz“ Mainz – Living in the Capital

4 Mainz – Living in the Capital!
Welcome to MAINZ Capital of „Rheinland-Pfalz“ Inhabitants Students

5 Mainz – Living in the Capital!
A City with Tradition above: Castle, below: Cathedral above: View of Mainz, below: „Fastnachtsbrunnen“ Mainz looks back on over 2000 years full of history. Roman background of the City can be found everywhere.

6 Mainz – Living in the Capital!
Enjoy the Atmosphere In the Summertime you can enjoy the evening at the beach of the River Rhine (left hand) or you can have an ice cream at the square of the cathedral (right hand). The brewery „Eisgrubbräu“ (left hand)

7 Mainz – Living in the Capital!
Art and Culture in Mainz In Mainz you can visit a lot of museums: From Fossils, animals and natural history up to the museum of ancient Shipbuilding In the state theatre you can enjoy concerts, ballet, opera or readings Gutenberg-Museum Middle Age manuscripts and „live“ demonstrations of printing the way it was done 500 years ago Some windows of the St. Stephen‘s Church are designed by the artist Marc Chagall

8 Mainz – Living in the Capital!
Celebrate in Mainz! February: Rhenish carnival with a parade on „Rose Monday“ May: Gutenberg-Marathon June: „Johannisfest“ with fireworks July: Asta Summer festival at the University Rheinland-Pfalz Open-Air Concert August: Wine festival in the „Volkspark“ December: Christmas market Carnival Christmas market Rheinland-Pfalz Open-Air Concert

9 Mainz – Living in the Capital!
In the centre of Rhine-Main Mainz is located in the centre of the region Rhine-main and it is very easy to reach: : 20 min Airport Frankfurt 30 min Frankfurt city centre 40 min Ryanair Airport Frankfurt/Hahn The use of public transport within the region Rhine-Main is with the student ticket („Semesterticket“) for students of the University of Mainz for free!

10 The Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Presentation of the Campus

11 Johannes Gutenberg-University
Interdisciplinary University Department of Maths Students 11 Faculties 90 different subjects Languages: Slavonic Studies, English and American Studies, German language and literature studies Natural sciences: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths Sports, Medicine, Economics, Law, Art, etc. Department of Chemistry Department of Social Sciences Administration

12 Johannes Gutenberg-University
The Campus Mainz is one of the biggest Campus-Universities of Germany. Housing: Inter I and Inter II A 5 minute walk to the city centre of Mainz SBII Faculty of Social Sciences and Media Cafeteria Sports facilities

13 Johannes Gutenberg-University
An international University with tradition Foundation of a University in Mainz „Johannes Gutenberg-Universität“ Mainz 5.000 international students per year 250 ERASMUS students per year

14 Johannes Gutenberg-University
Computers/ Wireless LAN The University of Mainz offers: Free web-account and -address Access to printer, copier and scanner Wireless LAN at the whole campus, in all lecture rooms and in all libraries Free web-access in all students‘ halls of residence owned by the University Free computer courses (Excel, Access,...)

15 Johannes Gutenberg-University
Students‘ halls of residence The University of Mainz guarantees every international student a place in a students‘ hall of residence. The students‘ halls of residence are located: at the Campus in the city of Mainz Learn German Free German courses at medium and higher level Cheap courses for beginners

16 Johannes Gutenberg-University
Sports The University of Mainz offers a broad and free sports program for students. Sports: Aerobics, athletic sports, badminton, ballet, basketball, beachvolleyball, cheerleading, dancing, fencing, gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, karate, kendo, ping-pong, rock climbing, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis, trampoline, volleyball, yoga, etc….

17 Social Sciences, Media and Sports
Faculty 02 Social Sciences, Media and Sports Motion picture sciences Educational science Politics Psychology Media and Communication Journalism Sociology Sports science

18 Department of Sociology
International Department Cooperations with the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Lectures are mostly held in German

19 Sourrounding and Excursions Germany, „Rheinland-Pfalz“ and „Hessen“

20 Sourrounding and Excursions
Germany: An overview Hamburg: 520km Berlin: 570km Hannover: 370km Hamburg Berlin Dresden: 480km Cologne: 180km MAINZ Cologne Dresden Stuttgart: 200km Munich: 420km Stuttgart Munich

21 Sourrounding and Excursions
The Federal State „Rheinland Pfalz“

22 Sourrounding and Excursions
The Metropolis Frankfurt am Main Inhabitants City of Banks It‘s often called „Mainhattan“ European Financial Centre Historical Old Town Town Hall Old Opera „Römerberg“

23 Sourrounding and Excursions
Very close to Mainz: The „Mittelrheintal“ – UNESCO World Heritage „Mäuseturm und Ruine Ehrenfels“ „Schönburg“ „Stolzenfels“ „Burg Sooneck“ „Burg Stahleck“ „Pfalzgrafenstein“

24 Welcome to Mainz! We are looking forward to many students from all over the world! In the year 2005 the University of Mainz got among 5 other German Universites the European Certificate for the care for ERASMUS students in the year 2004.

25 More Information Important web addresses:
Homepage of the University of Mainz: International Office Homepage of the Department of Sociology: Homepage Erasmus-Coordination: Contact:

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