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ECO Canada CEPIT Integration with a Post- Secondary Institution.

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1 ECO Canada CEPIT Integration with a Post- Secondary Institution

2 Outline Background Other Partners Benefit to Institution Benefit to Students Process

3 Background ECO Canada mandate Educator and Student portals Academic designation vs. professional designation

4 A ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION 1.Air Quality 2.Water Quality 3.Land Quality 4.Waste Management 5.Restoration and Reclamation 6.Human & Environmental H&S 7.Environmental Protection Management B CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES 1.Fisheries and Wildlife 2.Forestry 3.Agriculture 4.Mining 5.Energy 6.Parks and Natural Resources 7.Natural Resources Management C ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY 1.Education 2.Research and Development 3.Policy and Legislation 4.Communications & Public Awareness 5.Management for Sustainable Development Scope of Environmental Employment

5 CCEP: Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioner Available exclusively to experienced practitioners Signifies demonstrated expertise in a field of specialization CEPIT: Canadian Environmental Practitioner-in- Training Available to practitioners with less than 5 years experience Stepping stone / career development tool Environmental Designations

6 Current Partners UofToronto UofManitoba UofSaskatchewan UofAlberta Ryerson Univerity Nova Scotia Community College Fleming College Lakeland College Seneca College

7 Benefit to Institution Advertising (graduate with academic and professional designation) Career development support of students Formal industry link Program justification

8 Benefit to Student Formal Recognition Of skills acquired through practical experience Of competence level Focused Career Development Identifies progress and highlights areas of strength Highlights industry benchmarks for competencies Access to national network and mentorship Online member services

9 Process List of students identified by institution Accounts created by ECO Presentation to students Invoice sent by ECO to institution for mass payment Monthly reporting and ongoing support from ECO

10 Application Phase Resume (30-60 minutes) Self Assessment (30-60 minutes) Peer Assessment Board review Start in students last semester prior to grad.

11 Thank You

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