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Pre-Kindergarten Orientation

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1 Pre-Kindergarten Orientation
August 19, 2011 10:00-11:30

2 Welcome to Edgewood Elementary!
Edgewood is a Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth grade building. Children from the communities of Braddock Hills, Edgewood, Forest Hills, and Rankin attend Edgewood Elementary.

3 Our Principal Introducing… Ms. Carter

4 Our Assistant Principal
Introducing…. Ms. Gather

5 The Pre-Kindergarten Coordinator
Introducing…. Mrs. Price

6 Teacher Introducing… Miss Reifman

7 Assistant Teachers Introducing…… Ms. Cappetta

8 Assistant Teachers Introducing……. Mrs. Szymczak

9 Creative Curriculum The Creative Curriculum focuses on learning through play. (see “Just Playing” handout) The Creative Curriculum encourages children to learn by experiencing materials from a hands on perspective. The Creative Curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. “

10 Centers Art Blocks Computer Music and Movement Gross Motor Writing
Dramatic Play Listening Cars and Trucks Sand and Water Cozy Corner Math Puzzles

11 Math and Reading Curriculum
We use the Harcourt Storytown series and the Everyday Math to supplement “The Creative Curriculum.”

12 Classroom Environment
We reinforce the fact that we are a “school family”. We embrace diversity and treat one another with respect.

13 Behavior Management We have a behavior chart that we use to monitor behavior. It is based upon a card system. Students will have to change cards based upon their choices. If they need time to think about their choices, they will go to our “think chair” We also have a friend named “Tattle tell turtle” We reinforce making good choices!!!! 

14 Classroom Rules I want each child to feel safe and welcome in our classroom. Learning can occur and will occur when simple rules are set and followed.

15 Classroom Rules Please review the rules with your child and talk about why they are important. If you treat these rules seriously, your child will also.

16 Attendance Procedures
Arrival- Students should arrive at school at 8:00. You may enter the building through the side doors closest to our classroom. There will be an adult standing at the door until 8:15. If you arrive after that time, your child will be considered tardy and you must bring them to the office.

17 Attendance Procedures
Dismissal- Students are dismissed at 2:30. You will pick them up at the same place as arrival. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK YOUR CHILD UP AT THIS TIME. We will wait at the side door until 2:45. Any remaining students will be picked up at the office.

18 Attendance Procedures
Absences According to state regulations, students are permitted to miss 18 days in the school year. If students are absent, they must bring in a written excuse the following day.

19 School Supplies Traveling Folders
Each student will receive a folder with their name printed on the front. This folder will be the primary means of conversation between you and the school. Students will be able to use it to take their work and notes home from school. You may also use this folder to send information to school. The traveling folder should accompany your child to and from school everyday.

20 School Supplies Book bags
Each student should have a book bag to protect and transport their traveling folder and other school projects to and from school.

21 Contributions Donations to our classroom would be greatly appreciated. Contributions could include supplies or volunteering your time. There will be a giving tree posted on the door that states the supplies that are needed for the week.

22 Extra Clothes In order to be prepared for any accidents that may occur throughout the year, please provide your child with an extra set of clothes. Please put the change of clothes in the provided plastic bag. The clothes will be kept in your child’s locker. We will send them home based on the seasons.

23 Special Classes Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- Friday-

24 Homework Students will be held accountable for one page of homework a night. Please encourage your child to complete their work independently. “Book Buddy Bags” will be passed from one student to the next. Take home books will also be sent home to read with your child.

25 Meal Time We will eat three meals a day. They are breakfast, lunch, and snack. There is not a fee for meals. Students may bring a lunch if they choose. We eat “family style”. There will a menu sent home for lunch.

26 Birthday Party Celebrations
We will celebrate each students’ birthday in our classroom. If a student has a summer birthday, we will celebrate on their half birthday. You may bring in a birthday treat for each student. Please refer to the school handbook for appropriate treats. We do have a healthy food policy. Treats could also include stickers, pencils, or erasers.

27 Rest Time Students will have a 1 hour rest time period.
They are not forced to sleep, but they do have to rest their body and keep still. We do provide the students with comfort objects and relaxing music. Please bring in a towel or blanket for your child. We will send them home every Friday to be washed and returned the following week.

28 Letter of the Week We will be studying a different letter each week.
Our activities will be focused on that letter and theme. A newsletter will be sent home on Monday informing you of the activities and skills we will be focusing on.

29 Show and Tell We will have show and tell on Friendship Friday.
Show and tell should be based upon the letter of the week.

30 Scholastic Book Orders
You are given the opportunity to purchase books through the scholastic book company. They have great deals and we can earn money towards books and supplies for the classroom. You can order online or turn it in to me!

31 Questions?

32 Thank you! I’m looking forward to an exciting and rewarding school year!

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