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Integumentary System. Integumentary system includes… Skin Hair Nails.

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1 Integumentary System

2 Integumentary system includes… Skin Hair Nails

3 Its function is to… Prevent the loss of water Protect the body from injury and infection Help regulate body temperature, eliminate wastes and gather information about the environment Produce vitamin D

4 FUN facts: The skin is the largest organ in the body. Every time you rub your hands together, you lose hundreds, even thousands of dead skin cells.

5 Structure info: The skin consists of 2 main layers ◦ Epidermis-outer most layer and the thinnest. It doesn’t have any nerves of blood vessels. (This is why you don’t feel pain or bleed with shallow scratches.) ◦ Dermis-lower layer of the skin. It contains the nerves, blood vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles and a fat layer that pads the internal organs and helps keep heat in the body.

6 Structure info Continued… Cell life cycle: New cells begin deep in the epidermis. After about 2 weeks the cells die and become part of the surface layer. The dead cells are in the surface layer for about 2 weeks and then are shed and replaced.

7 How are structure and function related? The dead cells in the epidermis form a tough barrier that protects the living cells beneath it.

8 Taking care… Drinking plenty of water, eating foods that contain a lot of water, limit sun exposure, and keep your skin clean and dry.

9 Diseases/conditions of the skin: Acne- A bacterial infection that occurs when your oil glands get clogged.

10 Athlete’s foot- A fungal infection that occurs on the feet. Fungi grow well in warm, moist surroundings.

11 Cancer- A disease when some cells divide uncontrollably. Repeated exposure to sunlight can damage skin cells and cause them to become cancerous.

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