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Writing a Thank You Letter

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1 Writing a Thank You Letter

2 What is a Thank You Letter
Follow-up letter Thanks the interviewer Makes a good impression Demonstrates professionalism Friendly reminder who you are

3 Purpose of a Thank You Letter
Thanks the employer for taking time to speak with you Restates your objectives, skills and experiences Shows your interest in the job Allows you to add anything you forgot to say in the interview

4 Formatting a Thank You Letter

5 Layout As with all professional business letters, a thank you letter should be written in block format.

6 Thank You Letter Contents
Use simple language Be short & concise Proofread! Remember you are THANKING someone – be nice!

7 Parts of a Thank You Letter

8 Contact Information Your full name Street Address City, State Zip Code Phone Number Address The contact information on your thank you letter should match your resume!

9 Write out the full date! February 9, 2015

10 Employer Information Name Job Title Company’s Full Address
Address your letter to the hiring manager of the company. If you’re not sure who it is, do some research to find out!

11 Salutation Business letters use only the following prefixes: Mr. Ms.
Dr. Address the hiring manager by their last name

12 Paragraph #1 Thank the interviewer
Thank them for the opportunity to speak with them (mention the position) Thank them for their time Reference when the interview happened (the date)

13 Paragraph #2 Reference an element from your interview conversation
Remind them why you are qualified/suite for the job Express your sincere interest for the position

14 Paragraph #3 Offer any additional information they requested
Express your appreciation for being considered Indicated follow- up/contact information you provided or when you expect to hear back

15 Complimentary Close Use a professional closing Respectfully yours
Best regards Sincerely Include your handwritten signature & typed signature

16 Your Turn! You that you have applied and interviewed for a job at The Falcons’ Nest… Write a thank you letter to Mrs. Belote to thank her the interview last Wednesday, Feb. 4th

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