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2 Colonies Grow and Develop Differently
There were 13 colonies. They are along the Atlantic coast. They were divided into three groups New England Middle Southern

3 The New England Colonies
A new group called the Puritans united with the Pilgrims and formed the colony of Massachusetts Another Puritan colony was New Hampshire

4 The Puritans Following the Pilgrims to Plymouth were thousands of Puritans. Puritans were a religious group who wanted to “purify” (reform and change) the practices of the English Church. The Puritans came to the New World, mostly Massachusetts, in what is called the Great Migration.

5 John Winthrop John Winthrop was the first Puritan leader. He called America, “the City on the Hill” and said that all Puritans should act “The New England Way” which meant duty to the colony, Godliness, hard work, and honesty.

6 New England The colony of Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker. He believed that the Puritan leaders where becoming to powerful in Massachusetts. Hooker and his followers adopted the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut which was a Constitution for the colony of Connecticut. The first Constitution in American History!

7 Rhode Island was found by Roger Williams
Williams did not like the New England way, especially having to attend Church every day so started the first Baptist Church in American and moved his followers to Rhode Island Ann Hutchinson also went to Rhode Island because she believed you could worship god on your own, without a church.

8 Life in Colonial New England
Most New Englanders were: Farmers Merchants (Traded goods) Fishermen They used ships called schooners to catch cod fish They also were known for whaling and used the whales for oil Boston was the largest city in the New England colonies.

9 The Middle Colonies The middle colonies unlike the other colonies had settlers from all different countries: England Germany Holland Sweden The Dutch (from the Netherlands) built a settlement called New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam then became New York when it was attacked and taken by the English. The English also took New Sweden from the Dutch and called it New Jersey.

10 The Middle Colony Of Pennsylvania
William Penn a Quaker founded Pennsylvania. They did not belong to the Church of England. They were peace loving people that didn’t believe in WAR. Pennsylvania Welcomed all faiths and people from all over Europe were allowed to settle there. Penn also Founded the colony of Delaware

11 Life in the Middle Colonies
People lived on large farms far apart from each other. The farms produced grains such as corn and wheat. The middle colonies were known as the “Breadbasket of America”. Animal fur was common for trade.

12 The Southern Colonies People lived on farms and large plantations that grew rice and tobacco. The big plantations were started along rivers on the Atlantic coast. African Slaves was used for labor on the plantations

13 The Southern Colonies Lord Baltimore founded the colony of Maryland.
Maryland was the first colony to pass a law granting religious freedom. It was called the Act of Toleration Georgia was not a colony of religious freedom. Georgia was used as a refuge for prisoners. The prisoners were poor people who could not afford to pay their debt. Georgia then became a colony where people could work of their debt and gain a new start.

14 The Southern Colonies The Carolinas were discovered and divided in the North and South because of the distance between settlements

15 Virginia was the first colony, Jamestown was its capital.
The House of Burgesses was started in It was the first elected assembly that would lead the colony. It passed laws for Virginia. Problems continued with the Indians. In 1622 Powhatan Indians attacked Jamestown and killed hundred of settlers because they had taken more of the Indians land.


17 Climate and Geography of each region
New England: Short summers and long winters due to the northern location. New England was hilly with rocky soil that made farming tough Middle Colonies: Good harbors on the coasts, fertile soil, Shorter winters and mild summers The Southern Colonies: Warm and long growing season for crops. The south was a coastal plain that was hilly and covered with forests.


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