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Essex Virtual School March / April 2011 Designated Teacher for Children Looked After Training.

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1 Essex Virtual School March / April 2011 Designated Teacher for Children Looked After Training

2 2 Update on the Virtual School  Virtual School is now part of School Improvement and Early Years Service.  Ofsted Safeguarding and CLA Inspection – July 2010  Changes to the structure  Strategic focus on improving attainment and attendance  Provide improved support to schools  Serious Case Review - Recommendations

3 3 Virtual School Structure

4 4 Our Children Looked After in Essex  1550 children are looked after by Essex  688 are of statutory school age and educated in Essex Schools  160 Children looked after by other Local Authorities educated in Essex Schools  23.2% have a Statement of Special Educational Needs  41.9% are School Action and School Action Plus  23 registered as Gifted and Talented  1 Permanent exclusion in three years  38 are Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

5 5 The role and support available from the Virtual School in Essex  Tracking progress - collecting data on progress and attainment (data tracking system)  Work with Advisors to support and challenge schools to improve educational outcomes  Improving attendance  Personal Education Plans – quality and compliancy  Personal Education Allowance - including funding ‘pooled activities’  Dowry to Essex schools  Training – Designated Teachers / Social Care staff / Foster Carers  Developing Children Looked After Reference Group to inform service planning  Education Support Mentoring  Support, challenge and problem solving on individual cases  Essex Grid for Learning

6 6 Funding available to support the needs of Children Looked After  Dowry - Essex mainstream (not Academies or Special) schools receive £410 termly for each CLA to help support the child or young person during their time at school (including those looked after by other Local Authorities).  Personal Education Allowance - £500 Personal Education Allowance to be used for additional interventions to achieve targets set out in Personal Education Plans (PEP) for children not reaching expectations. Provision of pooled activities to support schools  Every Child an Opportunity – Extended Services additional grants within schools and LDGs (about £190 per year)  Pupil Premium – for children looked after

7 7 Attainment Performance and Targets NI99 CLA reaching level 4 in English at KS2 PeriodCountyEssex TargetSN Average for CLA Eng Average for CLA 2010 AY67.00% (80.5%) 53.0%47.00%45.00% 2009FY42.9% (80%) 59.3%N/A46.0% 200838.5% (82%) 56.0%38.0%46.0% 200757.1% (80%) 41.3%37.0%46.0%

8 8 Attainment Performance and Targets NI00 CLA reaching level 4 in Maths at KS2 PeriodCountyEssex TargetSN AverageEng Average 2010 AY66.00% (80.5%) 57.6%50.00%44.00% 2009FY46.0% (79%) 61.1%N/A46.0% 200846.2% (78%) 50.0%38.0%44.0% 200747.6% (77%) 37.2%38.0%43.0%

9 9 Attainment Performance and Targets NI01 CLA achieving 5 A* - C GCSEs including English and maths or equivalent at KS4 PeriodCountyEssex TargetSN AverageEng Average 2010 AY9.6% 14.8% (Essex) (54. X%) 13.9%9.0%11.6% 200913.0% (50.2%) 17.3%N/A9.8% (49.8%) 20088.1% (49.1%) 6.8%N/A (47.6%) 2007N/A (47.2%) 8.7%N/A (46.7%)

10 10 2009/10 academic year data as published by DfE 18 12 10 MeasureEssexBest SNWorst SN SN average (inc Essex) England Key Stage 1 - % achieving level 2+ in: Reading48%82%48%57%58% Writing39%78%39%52%51% Maths67%82%55%68%62% Key Stage 2 - % achieving level 4+ in: English (NI 99)67% 30%47%45% Maths (NI 100)65% 30%50%44% Science63% 40%50%53% English & Maths58% 33%44%36% Key Stage 4 - % achieving: Any pass81.7%84.2%56.0%73.7%78.0% 1+ A*-G71.3%84.2%56.0%67.6%72.5% 5+ A*-G53.0%63.2%35.4%45.5%50.6% 5+ A*-C27.8% 16.9%23.5%26.1% 5+ A*-C inc English & Maths (NI 101)9.6%15.3%0.0%9.0%11.6% Absence - % sessions lost due to: Authorised absence4.6%2.9%5.8%4.9%4.5% Unauthorised absence0.9%0.6%2.3%1.4%1.7% Overall absence5.5%5.2%8.0%6.3%6.2% Persistent absence % CLA classed as persistent absentees3.8% 7.5%5.0%4.9% Exclusions (insufficient data to report on permanent) % CLA with at least one fixed term exclusion11.4%7.6%19.4%14.1%12.2% % CLA with multiple fixed term exclusions6.7%5.3%11.5%8.1%6.4% Average number of fixed exclusions per child with at least one exclusion2. Summary Performance

11 11 Attendance

12 12 Designated Teachers What do you think the role is? What support do you need? What are the barriers to improving outcomes? 10 minutes discussion and feedback

13 13 Designated Teacher Role Lead responsibility for helping school staff understand things which affect how children looked after learn and achieve. Promote a culture of high expectations and aspirations for how children looked after learn Make sure the young person has a voice in setting learning targets Be a sources of advice for staff about differentiated teaching strategies and in making full use of Assessment for Learning Make sure that children looked after are prioritised for 1:1 tuition arrangements and that carers understand the importance of supporting learning at home Lead responsibility for the development and implementation of the Personal Education Plan

14 14 Personal Education Plans

15 15 Case Studies

16 16 Improving Progress and Outcomes

17 17 Raising Aspirations

18 18 Target Tracker

19 19 Care Matters: Time To Deliver For Children In Care, DCSF, 2007 ‘A high quality education provides the foundation for transforming the lives of children in care. Children and young people have told us how important education is to their lives. Children who leave care with no qualifications are less likely to be in education, employment or training, are five times more likely than those with qualifications to be in custody at age 19 and are nearly twice as likely to have lost touch with the local authority that supported them.’

20 20 Useful Documents

21 The Virtual School for Children Looked After 01245 436273

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