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What would motivate you to travel to a completely unknown place?

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2 What would motivate you to travel to a completely unknown place?

3 * This was a time when European leaders saw the need to explore new areas in order to gain access to the spice trade in Asia, spread the religion of Christianity (at the Catholicism), a need for more resources, and more wealth.

4 * GOLD! (WEALTH! ) * New spices in Europe (introduced during the Crusades) = demand for the spices. * Europeans wanted to cut out the middle man ! * Europeans try to find new trade routes because they want new sources of wealth. Italians sell it to Europe for MORE $$$ Europe buys it for a higher price Muslims sold Spices to Italians for lots of $


6 * The Crusades pushed Christians to feel it was their duty to spread their religion and convert people to Christianity ( and not to be Muslim) * Bartolomeu Dias – “ To serve God and His Majesty, to give light to those who were in darkness, and to grow rich as all men desire to do.”:

7 * BEING “The FIRST!” * First to: Find a direct spice route Find an area Create a trading port Control a COUNTRY!


9 * Ruler of Portugal * He was among the first to realize the power that would come with control of the spice trade. * He founded the first school for navigation in Europe. * Under his rule, exploration of Africa was expanded in an attempt to find a sea route to Asia. * He never went on any expedition himself.


11 After Prince Henry’s death in 1460, Portugal continued their quest for an easier way to reach the Asian spice Islands 1488 Bartholomeu Dias rounded the Southern Tip of Africa also known as the Cape of Good Hope 1497 Vasco da Gama makes it all the way around Africa to the Spice Islands but during the long return home lost half their ships and cargo


13 * Wanted to find a route to the East Indies by sailing West until he reached the other side of the globe. * Had trouble finding someone to pay for the voyage (Portugal would not support him) until King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain agreed. * He knew that the world was round, but had no clue that two continents lay between Europe and Asia. * He accidentally discovered the “New World” (North and South America) * He died thinking that he had found a new part of Asia





18 Astrolabe (1532) Better Maps Sextant Mariner’s Compass

19 65 feet long = more space for food/people. Able to explore close to shore. Larger sails for easier movement and power!


21 * 1493 Ferdinand and Isabella ask Spanish born Pope Alexander VI to support their claim to the lands of the New World. * First Pope creates line of Demarcation in 1493 and terms of the deal were then redefined in the Treat of Tordesillas in 1494 * Spain got everything to the West of the line, Portugal got everything to the East * Who got the better deal?

22 * Look up your technology on your smartphone or device * First, search the history of you technology * Second, search how your technology was used for exploration * Third, explain why your technology would have been so significant

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