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Created by: Joe Sisson 11/13/2011 Music 1010-044.

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1 Created by: Joe Sisson 11/13/2011 Music 1010-044

2  Josh Homme was born May 17, 1973.  He was born in the town of Joshua Tree, California.

3  Led Zeppelin  AC DC  Metallica  Deep Purple  Jimi Hendrix  Judas Priest  Nirvana  Alice and Chains  Soundgarden

4  First band Homme started was Kyuss.  Included Nick Oliveri on bass.  Semi-successful band.  Great reputation as a live band.

5  Released five albums and one DVD.  Used singer Mark Lanegan from the Screaming Trees.  Had guest drummer Dave Grohl play and tour for one album.

6  In a 2007 interview from MTV, Homme addressed his fans and critics about the new album. “It doesn’t sound like the last one, or the last one before that, because it’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to sound like a really good mix tape. Right now, if you’re saying this band has gone soft, you really don’t know what the f--- you are talking about.

7  Formed with high school friend Jessie Hughes.  Homme goes by an alter-ego named Carlo Von Sexron.  Homme plays drums over his usual role of guitar.  Not a death metal band.

8  Homme returns to vocals and guitar.  Considered a “super group”  Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on drums.  John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on bass.

9  Queens of the Stone Age – In The Fade  Queens of the Stone Age – Long Slow Goodbye  Eagles of Death Metal – Now I’m a Fool  Them Crooked Vultures – No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

10  From the Album Rated R  Written by Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan  Vocals by Mark Lanegan  Album reached 16 on Billboard Heatseekers chart.  Released June 2006

11  Released March 2005  Most successful album  Written by Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan, Troy Van Leeuewen, and Joey Castillo.  Josh Homme sings and plays guitar

12  From the third Eagles of Death Metal album.  Released October 2008.  Mellowest song on the album.  Written by Carlo Von Sexron and Boots Electric (Josh Homme and Jessie Hughes)

13  First song on the first album from Them Crooked Vultures.  Album was released November 2009  Credited to the group as a whole.  Group consists of Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul Jones.

14  0:00 Introduction, Song starts with background noise filler giving really no indication of musical form.  0:07 Piano starts at an Andante tempo (approx. 90 bpm) with background continuing, adding some reverberation of a guitar.  0:19 Vocal begins: Introduction continues.  0:42 Verse 1 begins: Moderate tempo, Major Key with a prominent driving bass line.  1:05 Chorus 1: Guitar takes Forte seems to have maybe an effect added for grittiness; bass line is less prominent.  1:29 Guitar solo 1 (bridge): Guitar effects seem to be gone and tone is more melodic and less gritty.  1:52 Verse 2 begins: Tempo feels faster, however I think it is due to what was played before it.  2:50 Chorus 2: Repeat of Chorus 1.  3:13 Guitar solo 2 (bridge):  3:37 Coda: repeats five times  3:50 Song Ends

15  0:00 Introduction, song starts with a phone dial tone  0:05 Transition in the introduction dial tone turns to disconnected beeping, which slows in tempo to the tempo of the song.  0:08 Introduction Verse: Music starts with major key and moderate dynamics. Electronic guitar, with an effect added; also a tambourine in the back ground. Tempo is Andante (approx. 100 bpm).  0:18 Vocals enter  0:38 Octave change on the guitar, up one octave.  0:48 All instruments besides the vocals drop off  0:50 Verse 1: Starts with bass and percussion causing a driving effect and the tempo increases to Moderato (approx. 115 bpm).  1:34 Chorus 1: Guitar emulates the vocals. Guitar is played with what sounds like a slide, being that notes change but there is not pronounced enunciation of the notes on the guitar.  1:52 Bridge 1: Short two measure bridge, vocals dropped.  1:57 Verse 3: Vocals and instrumentals return to state of Verse 2  2:31 Chorus 2: Longer than first Chorus, line repeated 5 times.  2:48 Chorus goes up in octave  3:03 Bridge 2: Longer Bridge like the previous chorus. Vocals gone and guitar continues to play previous tune.  3:18 Bridge ends and precursor for the Verse begins again.  3:28 Chorus 3: Vocals return and go into chorus.  4:16 Bridge to coda: Instruments fade out with a decrescendo while vocals continue.  4:50 Music ends, Song not over.  5:20 Final segment begins with a brass crescendo in from silence the tempo seems to be Andante again (approx. 100 bpm).  5:30 The tempo increases with the volume increasing  6:30 Final note is played and held for effect  6:54 Song Ends

16 00:00 Introduction: Song starts with only drums being played in a Allegro-Moderato pace (approx. 120 bpm) 00:15 Bass and rhythm guitar start on an off beat. Tempo stays the same; Bass is driving the song while the guitar plays a simple off beat reflection of the Bass’ on beat. 00:31 Lead guitar comes in a bridge 00:47 Verse 1: Vocals enters; lead guitar is played with a more piano dynamic. 11:04 Verse 2: Vocals continue while guitar on this verse is more of a medium dynamic. 11:18 Verse 3: Lead guitar goes back to previous state as in Verse 1 11:36 Chorus 1:Vocals still most prominent in song guitar playing off vocals and bass. 22:08 Bridge 1: Vocals gone and instrumental interlude. Lead guitar takes control of this while bass still progresses the song. Guitar repeats a phrase changing the ending the second time to transition back to the chorus. 22:25 Chorus 2: 22:56 Outro of song starts with a coda bass line staying the same and guitar playing some solo riffs. 33:29 Bass and Guitar start to fade out leaving the drums playing the same beat the song started with. 33:35 Bass and Guitar no longer in song only drums until the song ends. 33:41 Song ends

17  0:00 Introduction: Song starts with drums playing a three measure bridge at an Andante tempo (Approx. 100 bpm).  0:10 Guitar plays Glissando down to starting cord. Drums continue at same pace and volume. Bass joins in with a compliment line to the drums and Guitar. Leaving areas of silence for all instruments.  0:30 Verse 1: Guitar takes the pattern of three notes then a fourth as a higher note, followed by three notes and the fourth as a lower note.  0:50 Chorus 1: During the chorus all the vocals and instruments emulate each other followed by a guitar fill at the end of each line.  1:11 Bridge 1: Bridge starts the same as the 1 st verse, following the same pattern for the guitar just without the vocals.  1:30 Verse 2: Follows the same tone and rules of Verse 1  1:51 Chorus 2: Chorus sounds the same as 1 st chorus.  2:12 Tempo change: Tempo feels like it increases here to Allegro (approx. 120 bpm) Guitar take control of the song until the vocal bridge.  2:22 Vocal Bridge 1: Vocal Bridge that is different that the chorus leads us into the major dynamic change that is approaching.  2:44 Dynamic Change: Forte and tempo returns to Andante like the beginning of the song.  3:06 Verse 3: Vocals return and are stated with force, due to the nature of the whole ensemble being louder this is needed to still hear the vocals.  3:28 Bridge 2: Small guitar, drum, and bass bridge that is played at a faster pace than the background for the verses.  3:41 Verse 4: Follows same principles of verse 3.  4:02 Bridge 3: Same as bridge 2.  4:16 Verse 5: Final vocal verse keeps the same sound as the previous 2 verses. However, at the end right before the octave change the vocals go up leading us in.  4:37 Octave change up:Last vocal lines in the song part of the final chorus the vocals go up leading us in to the tempo change for the final measures.  4:50 Tempo Change: Tempo changes to a very fast Presto for the final (approx. 180 bpm).

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