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Connecticut Emergency Medical Technicians Practical Skills Examinations.

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1 Connecticut Emergency Medical Technicians Practical Skills Examinations

2 Signing Up for Your Exam Registration completely online Go to Click on Registration

3 Select “Practical Testing”

4 Select “Initial Testing”

5 Select your exam date Read the examination details Select whether or not you would like to attend the exam practice session Click to continue to checkout

6 Checkout

7 If you have ordered from Code One before, login: If you are a new customer, please register:

8 Read and agree to terms and conditions If your instructor gave you a coupon code, enter it on this page Select and complete your payment method Examinations MUST be paid in full by the registration deadline Select ‘Continue Checkout’ to confirm your order

9 Check all information for accuracy Confirm your order Mail in a check or money order if needed to complete your order

10 What to Expect at your Examination Five days before your examination an email will be sent to the email address you registered This email will include your examination appointment time and the stations you will be completing You must arrive before your appointment time Should you be running late: –you must contact the Training Director at 860.786.1789 –we will attempt to move you into a later appointment –Late arrivals that have not contacted the Training Director will NOT be admitted into the examination and will forfeit their examination fee

11 Rentschler Field Central Location in Connecticut Easily Access from I-84, I-384, I-91, Route 6, Route 44, and Route 15 Travel Times: –Enfield, CT – 23 minutes –New Haven, CT – 43 minutes –New London, CT – 59 minutes –Danielson, CT – 61 minutes –Danbury, CT – 63 minutes –Greenwich, CT – 83 minutes

12 Please use the East Gate entrance from Silver Lane to access the stadium Parking is free in any of the lots

13 Enter the stadium through the Press Entrance and follow signs to the Exam Staging area

14 Once in the Exam Staging area, the Registrar will check your form of identification (explained on the next slide) and will admit you into the examination You will be directed to each examination room where you will read descriptions of each station prior to starting THERE IS NO TALKING OR OUTSIDE PAPERS, NOTES, OR BOOKS PERMITTED IN THE STAGING AND EXAMINATION AREAS

15 What to Bring to Your Examination Test candidates MUST bring one form of identification to the examination that must: –Be a U.S. or State official ID such as a Passport, Military ID, Driver’s License, or Official Student ID. –Be current and valid –Contain a photo and a signature

16 What to Expect (continued) Examinations consist of these stations: –Trauma Assessment –Medical Assessment –Seated Spinal Immobilization –Bag Valve Mask –Cardiac Arrest (AED) –Random Immobilization (Joint, Long Bone, or Supine) All stations will be evaluated against the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Basic Level Skill Sheets

17 What to Expect (continued) Upon completion of the examination you will sign out with the Registrar Examination results will be emailed about 5 business days following the test No examination results will be distributed on the day of the exam.

18 What to Wear Test candidates are expected to wear business professional attire to the examination No clothing that identifies the candidate to an organization, agency, or department will be permitted into the examination (i.e. Fire Department shirts) No hats will be permitted in the examination Clothing should also be appropriate for the movements and activities being performed (skirts and low cut shirts will not be permitted).

19 What Not to Bring to Your Exam No notes, NREMT practical sheets, books, cell phones and other personal electronics, or weapons are permitted into the testing site Candidates with these items or who talk in staging areas will be dismissed from the examination Candidates dismissed from an examination forfeit their examination results and testing fees

20 Practice Sessions Practice sessions are available the evening before each practical examination This is an opportunity for the candidate to familiarize and practice with examination equipment with our classroom EMS staff Our staff is trained to the same standards as the station examiners Sessions are held from 6:00 to 9:00 PM in our Willimantic office To attend, select “yes” for “Exam Practice Session?” when registering for your exam

21 Requesting Special Accommodations Testing Accommodations may only be provided with authorization from OEMS in advance of the examination Documentation supporting the need for accommodation must be supplied with the requests All requests for special accommodation must be made no less than ten (10) business days prior to the examination

22 Questions? Contact Us Code One Training Solutions, LLC 860.786.1789

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