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Chapter 11 – Chapter Tutorial Packet Pages 13-14.

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1 Chapter 11 – Chapter Tutorial Packet Pages 13-14

2 Identifying Terms 1. E judicial review 2. C William Clark 3. A impressment 4. D Non-Intercourse Act 5. B Treaty of Ghent

3 Understanding Main Ideas 1. Which Federalist policies did Thomas Jefferson leave in place when he took office? Bank of the United States Kept some Federalists in their government positions

4 Understanding Main Ideas 2. What made New Orleans and the Mississippi River important to the United States? Mississippi River and New Orleans for US Trade Future westward expansion

5 Understanding Main Ideas 3. What dangers did US ships face while crossing the Atlantic Ocean during the 1800s? Capture by British and French navies Impressment by British (capturing and forcing to serve in the military) Piracy - Barbary States

6 Understanding Main Ideas 4. What were Tecumseh’s goals for American Indians of the Northwest Territory, the South, and the Mississippi Valley? Wanted to unite those groups to oppose American settlers

7 Understanding Main Ideas 5. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the US Navy in the War of 1812? Strengths: Well trained sailors Powerful (newer) warships when compared to British ships of the same size The British navy was spread throughout the world – slow to respond Weaknesses: Small navy (less than 20 ships) None of their ships were as powerful as the best of the British

8 Reviewing Themes 1. What precedent did Chief Justice John Marshall set in his Marbury v. Madison ruling? JUDICIAL REVIEW – power of the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress to be unconstitutional

9 Reviewing Themes 2. Why was the United States interested in exploring land west of its boundaries? To learn about the American Indians To learn about the land (animals, geography, plants) To see if there was a continuous river route to the Pacific Ocean

10 Reviewing Themes 3. What problems did US merchant ships face offshore from the Barbary States? Pirates of the Barbary States Payments

11 Thinking Critically 1.What do you think were Jefferson’s reasons for planning a simple inauguration? 2.What made President Jefferson reluctant to approve the Louisiana Purchase

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