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2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report1 Software And Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC) Paul R. Croll S2ESC Sponsor Chair June 2004 Report.

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1 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report1 Software And Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC) Paul R. Croll S2ESC Sponsor Chair June 2004 Report to the IEEE Computer Society Standards Activities Board

2 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 2 Background u The S2ESC traces its roots back to 1976 when the Software Engineering Standards Subcommittee of the Technical Committee on Software Engineering (TCSE) was created. Its first standard, IEEE Std 730™, IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans, was published on a trial-use basis three years later. By 1997, the collection had grown to 44 documents. u In addition to the development of standards, the S2ESC sponsors or cooperates in annual U.S. or international conferences and workshops in its subject area. The S2ESC also participates in international standards-making as a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 and as a direct liaison to SC7 itself.

3 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 3 Mission u The mission of the S2ESC is: u To develop and maintain a family of software and systems engineering standards that are relevant, coherent, comprehensive, and effective in use. These standards are for use by practitioners, organizations, and educators to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their software and systems engineering processes, to improve communications between acquirers and suppliers, and to improve the quality of delivered software and systems containing software. u To support and promote a Software Engineering Body of Knowledge, certification mechanisms for software engineering professionals, and other products contributing to the profession of software engineering.

4 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 4 S2ESC Organization – Executive Committee

5 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 5 S2ESC Organization - Management Board

6 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 6 S2ESC Organization – Group Chair and Development Partner Members

7 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 7 S2ESC Organization – At Large Members

8 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 8 The S2ESC Standards Collection - Principles u Because of its broad scope, and because of its desire to better integrate its collection of standards for software engineering, the S2ESC has adopted a number of plans and policies to guide the evolution of its collection. u Beginning early in the 1990s, the S2ESC initiated a set of long ‑ range planning activities with the ultimate intention of reorganizing itself and its collection to better achieve its mission. These strategic planning efforts laid the groundwork for a continuing process to better integrate the S2ESC collection so that users may select standards without fear of contradictions among them. Looking forward into the twenty-first century, S2ESC captured and updated the results of those planning efforts in a set of policies and plans for the management of the collection. These plans and policies can be grouped into the following five themes: u Strategic relationships with other standards collections u Clear relationship between system and software u Emphasis on organizationally adopted processes u Uniform process framework based on IEEE/EIA 12207.0 and related standards u Architectural coherence

9 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 9 S2ESC Standards Status u Fifty-Two Standards Under S2ESC Management u Four Planned Standards u Detailed Standards Status Available At The S2ESC Web Site Management Board Page: u

10 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 10 S2ESC 2003 Highlights u Practitioner Community Engagement u Agile Software Development Community u P1648 – Recommended Practice for Establishing and Managing Software Development Efforts Using Agile Methods u S2ESC track at the 15 th Annual Software Technology Conference u CMMI ® User Community Engagement u S2ESC Standards Collection mapping to the CMMI ® u Carnegie-Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI) liaison u ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Projects u ISO/IEC 16085 (IEEE Std 1540) – Software Risk Management u ISO/IEC 14764 (IEEE 1219) – Software Maintenance u IEEE 1220 – Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process u New S2ESC Standard u P1644 – Recommended Practice for Software Nomenclature - Software Naming Conventions for Application Software u Collaboration with the Ukrainian Software Engineering Training Center u Standards Testing Laboratory u Software Engineering Standards Collection released on CD-ROM u Liaison established with IEEE Information Assurance Standards Committee (IASC)

11 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 11 S2ESC 2004 Highlights u Establishment of New Study Groups u High Integrity Systems u Quality Management u Harmonization of Systems and Software Engineering Standards u Integration of IEEE Std 830 – Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications and IEEE Std 1233 – Guide for Developing System Requirements Specifications u Adoption of ISO/IEC 15288 – System Life Cycle Processes u S2ESC Track at the 16 th Annual Systems and Software Technology Conference u Revitalized relationship with IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE)

12 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 12 S2ESC 2004 Planned Activities u Standards Maintenance u See S2ESC Standards Report u Standards Adoptions u ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001 Software engineering – Product quality – Part 1: Quality Model u ISO/IEC TR 14471:1999 – Information technology – Software engineering – Guidelines for the adoption of CASE tools u ISO/IEC 15939:2002 – Software engineering – Software measurement process u ISO/IEC 9000-3:2003 – Software Engineering – Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2000 to software (with the ASQ) u Standards Contributions u Software Project Management – IEEE 1058-1998 to be merged with ISO/IEC 16326 u Direction for standardization in high integrity systems and quality management u S2ESC track at the 17th Annual Systems and Software Technology Conference u Closer collaboration with TCSE

13 2004-06 IEEE S2ESC Report 13 For More Information... Paul R. Croll Computer Sciences Corporation 5166 Potomac Drive King George, VA 22485-5824 Phone:+1 540.644.6224 Fax:+1 540.663.0276 S2ESC web site:

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