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ITU Focal Point for Emergency Telecommunications

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1 ITU Focal Point for Emergency Telecommunications
The Critical Role of Emergency Telecommunications in Disaster Mitigation Symposium on Multi-Hazard EWS for Integrated Disaster Reduction Geneva May, 2006 Dr. Cosmas L. Zavazava HEAD, LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES, SMALL ISLANDS & ITU Focal Point for Emergency Telecommunications

2 Telecommunication standardization - network and service aspects
WHO WE ARE 190 Member States 700 Sector Members ITU Helping the World Communicate ITU-D Assisting implementation and operation of telecommunications in developing countries ITU-T Telecommunication standardization - network and service aspects ITU-R Radiocommunication standardization and global radio spectrum management


4 Aftermath of a volcanic eruption in Ecuador, 2002


6 Earthquake in Kashmir, 2005 54,000 people dead, 72,000 injured, 3 million rendered homeless. Infrastructure and telecommunication services affected (road network, electricity, water supply) 67 main and transit telecom exchanges were destroyed. Rehabilitation and reconstruction cost of the telecom exchanges is about USD 30 million.


8 Role of Emergency Telecommunications
Government authority A speaker Beach public address system Early Warning Centre Disaster Management Headquarters Public address system Indoor receivers Citizens Government authority Public-Service Vehicles (Fire engines) Fire Division Headquarters Public-Relations Vehicle (Official Vehicles)

9 CHALLENGES National Regional International

10 National Infrastructure: last mile Regulatory framework
Legal framework Policy and Practice

11 Regional Infrastructure: interconnection issues
Regulatory framework harmonization Legal framework harmonization Best practices

12 National & Regional (Technology: Mobile access)

13 National & Regional (Technology: Internet access)

14 International Access issues Coordination Financing
Regulatory and legal frameworks Enforcement mechanisms

15 International: Some Have … Some Don’t (5 least connected developed and 5 least connected LDCs)


17 National and Regional (Technology Issues)
ICT should be high on the national development agenda ICT should provide a link for all citizens Introduce low-cost, affordable ICT/telecommunication technologies Focus on Community based approaches rather than households (universal access rather than universal service)

18 National & Regional (Regulatory issues)
Licensing issues Frequency management Interconnection agreements Cross-border movement of telecommunications equipment

19 National & Regional (Policy issues)
Technology policy Stimulating the economy by fostering innovation and technological development Industrial policy Shaping industrial structure stimulating structural change, supporting competitiveness = Growth and employment ICT policy Needs to redefine sectoral policies, boundaries, institutions and regulations To include disaster mitigation methods Media policy Defining the framework for provision of electronic media content (audio and visual sector) that include disaster risk reduction Telecommunication policy Creating and shaping resilient transmission infrastructure (provision of communication services)

20 International Improved coordination
Adoption of appropriate treaties such as the Tampere Convention Open standards that can help interoperability of networks and prioritization of calls Multi-stakeholder partnerships The “Tampere Hall” in Tampere Finland, where the Treaty on Telecommunication For Disaster Mitigation and Relief Was signed on 18 June 1998.


22 ICT: Relevant at every stage of disaster management
Prevention ICTs Disaster Preparedness Early Warning Disaster Response/ Relief

23 ICT Deployment: Riding on Convergence
Broadcasting TV ICTs for Disaster Mitigation Broadcasting Radio Info. Technology Internet Wifi, Wifi-Max Telecoms Fixed Mobile

24 ICT for all Disasters Volcano Earthquake ICTs Tsunami Flood Fire


26 THANK YOU Tel: +41 22 730 5447

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