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Food Safety!!! HFN 2O Ms Laurie.

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1 Food Safety!!! HFN 2O Ms Laurie

2 The Whys Behind Food Safety Rules
Keep it Safe, Refrigerate! Refrigerate foods you’ll use quickly. Freeze raw meat, poultry or fish you won’t use in a couple of days Why? Safe fridge temps of 4º C or below prevent most bacteria that cause illness from growing. Freezer temps of 0º C STOP bacteria!!!

3 Don’t thaw food on the counter!
Thaw in the fridge or microwave Why? Thawing starts from the outside in, so bacteria can multiply to disease-causing levels before food has a chance to thaw!!!

4 Wash hands before preparing food
Wash hands & utensils again after contact with raw meat and poultry Why? Hands carry tons of bacteria! Raw meat & poultry may carry bacteria Never rinse a chicken/turkey in a sink without disinfecting it after!!!

5 Cook raw meat & fish to a temp of 160ºF & chicken to 180ºF
Always pierce the thigh Juices should run clear on chicken Fish should flake Why? Hot cooking weakens bacteria found in raw foods Continued heat destroys bacterial cell membranes, destroying cell protein and causing cell death 

6 Promptly refrigerate or freeze leftovers
Use small shallow containers for quick cooling Why? Dividing food into small containers promotes even cooling

7 Never leave perishable food out more than 2 hours!!!
Dangerous foods include: Milk & milk products Shellfish Dressings Processed meats Gravies Puddings & whipped cream Cooked meat & salads made from them Why? With moisture and bacteria can double in number every 20 mins’ Bacteria do not reach dangerous levels in less than 2 hours

8 Food Poisoners!!! Staphylococcus (Staph)
Spread by someone handling food, at warm temps it produces a poison Found on skin, in boils, zits and throat infections Symptoms set in 2-8hrs after eating Vomiting & diarrhea could last a 1-2 days Prevention Wash hands, utensils Foods at risk: all meats, egg products and creamy salads/desserts No more than 2 hrs out on counter

9 Salmonella Spread by eating infected food that is raw or uncooked
Symptoms set in 12-36hrs after eating Vomiting, diarrhea & fever could last a 2-7 days Prevention Keep raw food away from cooked food Cook chicken, meat & fish carefully Watch handling of poultry and ground meat Don’t drink unpasteurized milk

10 Clostridium Perfringens
Known as the buffet germ Spreads rapidly in large portions of food cooling slowly Symptoms set in 8-24hrs after eating Diarrhea and gas pains ending in less than a day Badly affects the elderly & people with ulcers Prevention Keep hot food hot (over 140ºF/60ºC) Keep cold food cold (under 40ºF/4ºC) Divide buffet foods in smaller portions for serving

11 Campylobacter Drinking untreated water or eating raw or undercooked shellfish (even if a pet drinks water can be spread to owners) Symptoms set in 2-5 days after ingesting Severe diarrhea (possibly bloody), cramping, fever & headaches lasting 2-7 days Prevention Don’t drink untreated water or unpasteurized milk Thoroughly wash hands, utensils and surfaces that touch raw meats

12 Botulism Consuming home canned or canned goods, showing any of the following signs: clear liquids turned milky, cracked jars, loose lids, swollen or dented cans or lids Symptoms set in12-48 hrs after ingesting Affects central nervous system: double vision, droopy eyelids, trouble speaking, swallowing or breathing Untreated it is FATAL!!! Prevention Don’t use canned goods showing danger signs If symptoms develop get help immediately

13 E.Coli Eating undercooked ground beef (the inside is pink), drinking contaminated (impure) water , drinking unpasteurized (raw) milk, working with cattle Symptoms Set in 7 days after consuming Severe abdominal cramping, leads to watery diarrhea which causes a loss of electrolytes and dehydration If persistent causes bloody stools, resulting from intestinal Prevention Wash hands thoroughly before & after preparing meat Thoroughly cook all ground beef to an internal temp of 160ºF If symptoms develop get help immediately

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