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Chart Your Course to Business Success On Target Business Intensive: Session 7 May 8, 2012 Advisors On Target 1.

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1 Chart Your Course to Business Success On Target Business Intensive: Session 7 May 8, 2012 Advisors On Target 1

2 Session 1 Create a working draft of your Mission Statement Create a working draft of your 1 and 5 year Vision Answer the 10 questions on the handout Session 2 Review your own financial statements and chart of accounts with what you learned in Session 2 Session 3 Create a budget for 2012 If you already have a budget, review and revise as needed Use the cashflow projection model (at the bottom of the budget tool) 2 Implementation Steps

3 Session 4 Determine your breakeven point for your 2012 budget Annual For the month of May 2012 Define your target markets (Fill in Marketing Plan – Part 1) Do a competition analysis (Fill in Marketing Plan – Part 2) Session 5 Define Marketing Strategies (Fill in Marketing Plan – Part 3) Create a Marketing Budget using the template Session 6 Start Job Costing every job if you aren’t already Implement a system to track job profitability over time to measure progress Coach foremen to improve Implementation Steps (cont.) 3

4 Additional activities Values Exercise Business Diagnostic Assessment Implementation Steps (cont.) 4

5 Recap last week – Questions Client Process System Lead Intake Sales Follow Up Job Process Ongoing Relationship Agenda for today 5

6 Client Process System 6

7 Lead Intake What happens when someone inquires about your service? Call in to office Direct contact with owner/employee Contact via web/email Capture relevant information Fill out Lead sheet or Enter Directly in CRM and/or Enter in Sales Tracking Schedule an estimate appointment or Decline to bid Refer to another contractor

8 Name Address Phone Email How they heard about your company (lead source) Type of work (Interior, Exterior, Specialty work, etc.) Time frame Budget Scope of work/Size of job Age of home (pre 1978) Worked with professional painting contractor? What else? What info do you need to collect at lead intake? 8

9 Estimate Phase Ask pre-determined questions to further qualify client during estimate appointment Create detailed take-off sheet/work order to aid in creating proposal as well as provide more detailed instructions to foreman Create master proposal templates Create master paragraphs for language to include in proposals for standard items Create a appendix of PDCA standards to attach and reference standards by number in proposal to eliminate the need to add standards to proposal.

10 Pre-contract (Post Estimate) Ask additional predetermined qualifying questions if needed Prepare and send or deliver proposal to customer Enter Contact info in CRM (if not done previously) Update Sales Tracking and/or CRM with status Tickler for follow up

11 Job Sold Submit signed Proposal and Contract to office with deposit Submit Work Order to office Assign a job number Create Customer file in QuickBooks Enter Estimate and Deposit in QB Create Field File and Office File Schedule the job on job calendar Tentative time frame at least Send Customer a letter regarding schedule and payments Send Customer “to do” list File pre-lien if applicable Send Thank You to Referral if applicable Follow up communication with customer re schedule Update sales tracking or CRM

12 Job Scheduled Schedule walk through with customer Confirm Colors with customer Confirm customer “to do” list with customer Follow up with customer regarding schedule if needed Give file folder to foreman Order special equipment needed Materials ordered

13 Map Copy of contract, if appropriate Copy of scope of work Work Order Color Confirmation Sheet Customer Communication Sheet Blank Change Order Forms Customer Feedback form RRP info What else? What’s in the field folder? 13

14 Job In Progress Report hours worked daily Use customer communication form Give progress invoices to customer Collect progress payments Fill out change orders if needed Get customer signature Return change order to office Invoice change orders Collect Materials invoices/receipts

15 Job Wrap up Prepare final invoice Conduct a final job walk through with customer Give final invoice to customer Collect payment Ask customer to fill out feedback form Schedule return touch ups if needed

16 Post Job Return field folder to office Contact customer to thank them and answer questions Receive final payments Tickler for collections for outstanding payments Send thank you note (gift if appropriate) Complete Job Costing File completed job paperwork Update customer data in CRM Tickler for follow up

17 Ongoing Relationship Customer Communications Plan Newsletter Special Offers Letters/Greeting cards Gifts (as appropriate) Telephone calls (as appropriate) Warranty/Maintenance Follow up Schedule annual visit or follow up

18 Session 7 Review Job Process Outline and Job Process Checklist Customize Checklist for your company Start to implement a more organized approach to your job process – add structure a piece at a time Implementation Steps 18

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