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SHOK Strategic Centers for Science, Technology and Innovation World-class breakthroughs in innovation cooperation.

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1 SHOK Strategic Centers for Science, Technology and Innovation World-class breakthroughs in innovation cooperation

2 Renewal and competitiveness as goals cooperation  The goals of SHOK activities are:  To increase export business and to improve the economy  To create to top know-how  To renew business activities  To improve companies' competitiveness  To spur innovation activities  To bring wellbeing to society The goal is to give rise to globally significant breakthrough innovations and business activities with the help of new knowledge and skills.  SHOKs are an internationally interesting operational model.

3 Six different industrial branches Energy and environment Bioeconomy Metal products and machine production Built Environments Health and wellbeing Information and communications industry The activities of each SHOK concentration is handled by a non-profit seeking limited company whose members include the key companies, universities, and research institutes of the area in question.

4 Includes 80% of Finland's export business SHOKs operate in the most important fields in Finnish business and society. Entities that are not shareholders can also take part in the research programmes and projects. Taking part are more than 700 companies and 40 research organisations. activities

5 SHOKs are company-driven collaboration platforms SHOK company Enterprises & research organisations The shareholders draft a research strategy and decide on its implementation. The activities are based on a shared research strategy SHOK Research strategies SHOK Research programmes Research organisations Companies

6 Research programmes are a central part of SHOK activities SHOK research programmes allow for persevering cooperation. Companies utilise researched information emerging from the SHOK research programmes. This leads to new products, services, earning models and courses of action for renewing Finland's business base while creating new export business activities. The time line is 5-10 years. v 5–10 years. Economic growth & wellbeing Top know-how Emerges from SHOK research programmes New products and services Develop in companies' R&D projects

7 Based on cooperation of public and private entities Responsible for operative implementation SKOK boards Responsible for strategy, focus areas and results Research and Innovation Council Ministries Funders SHOK Management Team Fund and supervise quality Lays out SHOK concept as part of an innovation system Follows SHOK activities and results, gives proposals for development, evaluates possibilities for further activities Direct activities through i.a. Tekes and the Academy of Finland

8 SHOKs amass significant investments 50% 40% 10% Funding for research programmes in 2008-2014 a combined € 545 M SHOK companies are diversifying the capital base (EU, other instruments for bringing products/services to the market). According to the strategic programme of the government of Finland the public funding for SHOK research programmes will be run down. Consequently Tekes funding instrument for SHOK programmes will cease to exist in its present form.

9 SHOK activities are regularly evaluated CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT FUNDERS SHOK programme level SHOK quality criteria External evaluation panels SHOK MANAGEMENT TEAM SHOK corporate level Annual reporting to SHOK Management Team Handling applications from new consortia RESEARCH AND INNOVATION COUNCIL SHOK concept level External evaluation at five-year intervals SHOK COMPANIES Management Measures of results for programmes

10 In SHOKs companies direct research in extensive cooperation. Company Public funders Researchers Universities Research institutes Research networks Company networks Tekes programmes Sitra Academy of Finland programme s Academy of Finland project funding Tekes project funding SRC Finnish Industry Investme nt Ltd Finnvera Basic researchApplied researchProduct development Market SHOK programme has its own role in R&D&I environment Targeting of R&D&I funding and defining content SHOK research program mes

11 SHOKs develop Five key development targets have been set for SHOK activities: 1 Focusing activities on sharper peaks of skills to bring forth new business activities. Renewing the models and gauges for evaluation 4 Networking platform to be formed out of SHOKs for companies and for top research 2 Increasing competition for funding. 3

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