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Little Buddy Pet Sitting

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1 Little Buddy Pet Sitting
Business Plan Little Buddy Pet Sitting

2 small pets in positive ways that meet small dog’s needs
Business Plan Executive Summary Little Buddy Pet Sitting is a home based business catering to clients who have small dogs and desire to provide quality care for their special need pets while they are traveling or on vacation. Pet sitting is a response to a real market need in a high- growth sector. It is a unique recession-resistant service that will continue to grow. Business Description Small breed pet sitting service for all individuals who require quality and loving care for small pets while they work, or go on vacation. We only cater to Non-aggressive small pets that are vaccinated, house trained and flea free. We also provide a complimentary meet and greet appointment. Mission Statement: We will provide a safe, secure and loving environment for the small breeds that we pet sit. Our care will instill in owners confidence in our ability to care for their small pets in positive ways that meet small dog’s needs 

3 Business Plan Business Description
Goals: start with pet sitting build business on customer requests. Objective: Care for pets at home for days, weeks or weekends when clients travel. Build business sales modestly. By end of 1st yr. - $800 month. 2nd & 3rd yr. - increase income by 20%. Business Model: Business to consumer 1st Priority - clients pets are safe, comfortable and happy.

4 Services Offered – Walking, feeding, fresh water,
Business Plan Business Description Customer Needs – Small dog with special needs cared for when they are out of town. Services Offered – Walking, feeding, fresh water, grooming, play time. Market Analysis Customers: canine owners with small dogs, men and woman, ages of 35 and 65. Location: Urban community Far Northeast Philadelphia. Target market: Pets are often referred to as “children” by their owners.

5 Fastest growing retail category behind consumer electronics.
Business Plan Market Analysis Pet Service - Steady growth market, creates a unique recession-resistant industry. Fastest growing retail category behind consumer electronics. Sources: *APPMA 2007/2008 National Pet Owners Survey, **All American Pet Company

6 Business Plan Competitor Analysis 80 competitors – 3 mile radius.
Strength - price range $4.00 to $20.00 per ½ hr. Inexpensive Weakness - 95% of competitors were 18 to 25 years old. They visit your house, you have to trust them when you are not there. Out of the 80 competitors they do not care for a dog in their own home. Not exclusive to small dogs with special needs.

7 Business Plan Competitor Analysis
Attributes of Little Buddy Pet Sitting: Making small dogs happy. Not just a dog walker. Pet sitting provided in home, dog get lots of attention. Unintentionally large dogs hurt small dogs in play. Small dogs only around same size dogs, insuring safe play. Walking is included in my fee. Competitors do not groom, I am a licensed cosmetologist. Bonded and insured. Most competitors not bonded or insured or certified. Certification -highest level of education, training, handling, puts business above competitors. Added value and credibility. NAPPS’s virtual continued education online program.

8 Not like a boarding, kennel or Veterinarian facility.
Business Plan Competitor Analysis Sources of competitive advantage – a combined cost and differentiation advantage. Fees are lower for my 24 hours service than competitors just stopping by clients home for an hour. Not like a boarding, kennel or Veterinarian facility. No cages, not alone, full access to home and sleep were they are most comfortable.

9 Business Plan Operations Mainly dog sitting.
Dog grooming and administering medicine. Small business, primary location –internet, physical location - my home. Promote the business by word of mouth. Management team is owner of Little Buddy Pet Sitting. Owner - sole caretaker of client’s pets Owner contributes: Update & development - website based on customer request to build and advertise business on the web. Website hosting - Omnis

10 Business Plan Operations Customer Service Program
Customers are your best marketing vehicle Strong bond with customers Proactive of customer needs NAPPS Member of National Association of Profession Pet Sitters Free Website Locator Tools –support- improving professionalism, Education conferences, publications, resources, and referral network .

11 Owner provides financing- personal investments or short term loans
Business Plan Financial Statements Owner provides financing- personal investments or short term loans Expenses: Omnis Website 2yr plan $191.00 NAPPS annually $160.00 Liability Insurance $440.00 City of Philadelphia lifetime license $300 Certification $395.00 Office Supplies $40.00 1st year $ 2nd year $640.00 3rd year Start, build sales modestly $200 per week by of 1st yr. Increase income 20% 2nd & 3rd yr. to increase profit. Practical, Profitable, Home based business.

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