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LU Chenglong ( ) DIAO Wenrui ( )

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1 LU Chenglong (1010161750) DIAO Wenrui (1010089510)
A Journey through Mobile Payment from the Technology and Business Perspectives LU Chenglong ( ) DIAO Wenrui ( ) ELCT 5820 Distributed and Mobile Systems

2 Outline Part I: Introduction Part II: General framework
Part III: System platforms Part IV: Security issues Part V: Business models

3 Introduction The payment for goods and services using a mobile device
Alternative payment method to cash and credit cards Services Digital contents Physical goods Transport fare Bills Music Videos Books Tickets Current situation Widely deployed in many regions of Asia and Europe Around 100 million active users in the world

4 Participators of Mobile Payment
Customer -mobile phone user Merchant -provides goods or services Payment Service Provider - responsible for the payment process Trusted Third Party -provides the service certificate

5 General framework A simple conceptual model with four major participators

6 Platforms Based on Different Channels
Short Message Service (SMS)

7 Platforms Based on Different Channels
Unstructured Supplementary Services Date (USSD)

8 Platforms Based on Different Channels

9 Platforms Based on Applications
Phone-based Application

10 Platforms Based on Applications
SIM-based Application

11 Platforms Based on NFC Near Field Communication

12 Five Aspects of Security for M-Payment
Confidentiality -Transmission data encryption Authentication -Possession, knowledge and property Integrity -Digital signatures Authorization -Digital certificates Non-repudiation -Digital signatures

13 Security Challenges Security of Mobile Devices
Security of Network Technologies Security of Service -SMS -USSD -Voice-based Standardization

14 Business model: Operator-Centric Model
Mobile network operator deploys mobile payment service independently Lack of connection with existing payment networks

15 Business model: Bank-Centric Model
Bank responsible for deployment Payments processed through existing financial networks Clear value chain, easy to implement Transaction fees charged only by the banks

16 Business model: Peer-to-Peer Model
Independent peer-to-peer service provider Revenue from transaction fees and licensing fees Not utilizing existing banking networks Insufficient customer base, lack of established brand and infrastructure

17 Business model: Collaboration Model
Collaboration among different stakeholders Third party Trusted Service Manager Most feasible: each stakeholder focus on own core competency Dispute about the revenue sharing model

18 Thank you for your participation
THE END Thank you for your participation Q & A

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