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Membership Development

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1 Membership Development
PETS District 1390 Membership Development Christina Bredin Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator zone 15

2 Membership zone 15 01 July 2006 28 Feb 2010
Zon 15 hittills under minskat med 200, i Finland endast netto -2. D Världen samma tid ökat med , netto 85 nya klubbar Ökning: Japan, Indien, Korea, Tyskland, Östra europa,

3 Members by country France 33.425
Australia Sweden Canada Norway Finland Denmark USA India Japan Korea Brazil UK Germany Italy Russia 850 Poland 1.800 | 3

4 Membership development
Organizing New Clubs Retention efforts should be a priority for the membership committee. Conduct club assessments regularly to determine your club’s strengths and weaknesses. The membership committee should have a continuing Rotary education plan in place to keep existing members current on Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation, and the club. The role of the membership committee is to develop and implement an action plan for membership development. To be effective, a Rotary club needs members. Your club’s ability to serve the community, support The Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders capable of serving Rotary beyond the club level is directly related to the size and strength of your club’s membership base. The responsibilities of the club membership committee summarized below are explained further in this chapter: • Develop committee goals to achieve club membership goals for the coming year. • Conduct club assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses. • Work with the public relations committee to create a positive club image that is attractive to prospective and current members alike. • Develop programs to educate and train new and current club members. • Sponsor newly organized clubs in your district, if applicable. Retention Club website Recruitment

5 The attractive club If nothing happens in the clubs, nothing happens
in Rotary. It’s through the work of club committees that a Rotary club provides service to its community, retains members, and develops leaders for the club, district, and Rotary International. Membership chair Goals – measurable, achievable, Activities Membership responsible PR responsible Set goals The club president is the VIP of Rotary. If nothing happens in the club, nothing happens in Rotary.

6 www. - Members - Resources for club committees
| 6

7 Women in Rotary 1989 – women admitted into Rotary
2010 – 16 % worldwide 2010 – 7,000 clubs have no women 22 % Sverige | 7

8 Enjoy Rotary Visit other clubs District conference Fellowships
Twin club Rotary Friendship Exchange Facebook - new Rotary friends Rotary on YouTube | 8

9 | 9

10 PR supports Membership development
What is Rotary? How have you benefited from being a Rotarian?

11 conic landmarks around the world were illuminated with the End Polio Now message the week of 23 February in honor of Rotary's 105th anniversary. Landmarks lit up included the Pyramid of Khafre in Egypt; the Taipei Arena in Taiwan; the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain; the Old Port Captain’s Office on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town; the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and  the Royal Palace at Caserta in Italy. The pyramid Khafre The Taipei arena, Taiwan. It appeared every five minutes along with a short film of Rotary’s work in Taiwan this year. | 11

12 Local PR – the best support
What have you done locally? What can you do locally? | 12

13 Keep the members you have and recruit new members
that will stay.

14 How have you benefited from being a Rotarian?
What is Rotary? How have you benefited from being a Rotarian? The 4-way test – how do you use it in the club? Knowledge about Rotary – how do you inform? | 14

15 Group discussions How do you take care of new members the first year?
Why should people join your club? How do you want to profile your club to attract young members?

16 To think about What is Rotary? What do you do in Rotary?
What do you get out of Rotary? | 16

17 | 17

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