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West London CCG Commissioning Intentions 2015/16 1.

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1 West London CCG Commissioning Intentions 2015/16 1

2 We have developed our commissioning plans for 2015/16 and sent these to providers at the beginning of October 2014 We have engaged with a variety of stakeholders to help shape our plans. We also gathered feedback during autumn of 2013, which we are responding to this year and into future years The priorities for 2015/16 and beyond fit into 4 categories (Service Reconfiguration; Whole Systems Integration; Primary Care Transformation; and Patient Empowerment) Introduction 2

3 Review of last year’s feedback You saidWe did Improve GP access Extended GP opening available, including weekend opening covering the whole CCG area Improve children’s care Children’s hubs launched, which involve GPs working together with consultants to improve care for children Help patients understand how to access services Children’s urgent care communications materials produced Funding signed off for health road shows and ESOL for health Improve co- ordination between services Multi-disciplinary team meetings established in GP practices to improve the co-ordination of care for patients with complex needs Primary Care Navigators being rolled out Improve support for mental health needs Continued investment in mental health services for psychological therapies and communications campaign to improve uptake being planned 3

4 Strategic programme Description Patient Empowerment Roll out of Primary Care Navigators in 2014/15 and continued into 2015/16 to support older patients with complex needs Expert Patient Programme being tendered in 2014/15 and new service to be mobilised in 2015/16 to support patients with long-term conditions. Pilot online EPP early 2015. PPE grants awarded to third sector for projects supporting self care and self management (grants awarded in 2014/15 and projects to be running in 2015/16) Launch of health road shows and ESOL for Health in 2014/15 and to continue into 2015/16 Support to Patient Participation Groups in general practices to continue into 2015/16 Work-streams underway to review and improve programmes for self management and peer support in 2015/16 and beyond Patient Empowerment 4

5 Strategic programme Description Primary Care Transformation The CCG is commissioning a range of services from groups of practices in 2014/15 and into 2015/16. These include diabetes care; care planning and end of life care planning; blood testing; wound care; and care for patients with mental health needs The CCG is participating in the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund, which aims to improve access to primary care. Specific objectives are as follows: o 7 day/week primary care services to be available o A range of consultation methods to be available to patients (telephone/email/Skype) o Alternative appointment booking methods to be available (such as online appointment booking) o Primary care appointments tailored to patients’ needs (urgent appointments, convenient appointments and continuity where required) o Shared electronic patient records and patients able to access their records online Primary Care 5

6 Strategic programme Description Whole Systems Integration Whole Systems Integration is a strategic programme in which multiple partners work together to improve care for specific patient groups West London is focusing on two population groups: 1)Patients aged over 75 2)Patients with long-term mental health needs In 2014/15, the new models of care have been designed in partnership with patients and carers In 2015/16, the new models of care will be in place As part of this work, integrated health and social care teams will work 7 days to proactively support the needs of patients Whole Systems Integration 6

7 Strategic programme Description Service Reconfiguration The CCG is tendering various community services in 2014/15 (ophthalmology, cardiology, respiratory) and these will be launched in 2015/16 to support the delivery of planned care closer to home NHS 111 contract is coming to its end date and is being put out to tender across NWL Chelsea and Westminster Urgent Care Centre contract coming to its end date and may be put out to tender New service model for St Charles urgent care to be designed in 2014/15 and operational in 2015/16 Evaluation of pilot children’s hubs with potential to commission wider service Ongoing implementation of mental health standards (including Improving Access to Psychological Therapies and dementia) Service Redesign 7

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