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Tennessee’s Common Core Standards South Gibson County High School Parent Information Session.

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1 Tennessee’s Common Core Standards South Gibson County High School Parent Information Session

2 Overview: Tennessee’s Common Core Standards What? Why? How? Questions?

3 What are the Common Core Standards? Set of grade-by-grade learning expectations: Math English/Language Arts Literacy (Reading and Writing) All can be viewed at Content for Social Studies, Science, CTE, Fine Arts, and others will still come from Tennessee standards

4 Math: A look at the standards…

5 English/Language Arts: A look at the standards…

6 Literacy: A look at the Standards…

7 Why do we need higher standards? Tennessee’s Competitiveness Only 21% of adults in TN have a college degree TN ranks 46 th in 4 th grade math and 41 st in 4 th grade reading nationally 54% of new jobs will require post- secondary education Only 15% of high school seniors in TN are college ready

8 Previous Transitions January 2008 Tennessee receives an “F” from the US Chamber of Commerce in rigor and approves Tennessee Diploma Project standards Spring 2010 Students take new TCAP aligned to new standards, and scores take a hit Spring 2011 TCAP scores begin to rise Spring 2015 Student assessments fully aligned with CCSS

9 Tennessee’s Common Core Standards The Common Core State Standards will strengthen teaching and learning with standards that are:  Focused, coherent, clear, and rigorous  Internationally benchmarked  Anchored in college and career readiness  Evidence- and research-based

10 How are we implementing Tennessee’s Common Core Standards? 3rd year of implementation in Tennessee Extensive teacher training and professional development Pilot assessments All grade levels fully implemented and assessed in 2014-2015

11 Instructional Shifts MATH: 1. Focus strongly where the Standards focus 2. Coherence : think across grades, and link to major topics within grades 3. Rigor : require conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application with intensity. ELA: 1.Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction and informational texts 2.Reading and writing grounded in evidence from text 3.Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary

12 Getting Ready for PARCC Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness in College and Careers Will replace the EOC/TCAP tests in Math and English EOC/TCAP will remain for Science and Social Studies

13 Getting Ready for PARCC Performance-based component will be taken after student has completed 75% of a course (Math & English only) End-of-year component will be taken at the end of semester EOCs for Social Studies and Science will continue on current timeline & schedule

14 Math: PARCC Sample Item

15 English/Language Arts: PARCC Sample Item


17 Getting Ready for PARCC Shift away from completely multiple choice More emphasis on supporting answers with explanations and evidence Writing Assessment Last year, but redesigned to better prepare students Constructed Response Assessments Math assessment designed to prepare students Field-test for PARCC

18 Questions?

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