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Preparing for Successful Face-to-Face Visits

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1 Preparing for Successful Face-to-Face Visits
Michelle L. Janssen, CFRE June, 2015

2 “Chance favors the prepared mind”
Louis Pasteur

3 Preparing for Successful Face-to-Face Visits
Michelle L. Janssen, CFRE June, 2015


5 Preparing for successful face-to-face visits--Purpose
How to set visits. How to prepare for visits.

6 Preparing for successful face-to-face visits--Process
Participants will have a chance to practice skills learned. Participants should feel to ask questions throughout the presentation

7 Preparing for successful face-to-face visits - Payoff
Participants will have learned and integrated valuable skills. You will have grown in confidence and competence. Have fun!

8 Some Questions As We Start
Will I learn anything that can be really helpful? Can I rely on what is taught? Why change, as I am already successful?

9 Some Questions As We Start
Why change, as I am already successful? Conscious competence Team Approach

10 Purpose-Process-Payoff
Setting the Appointment

11 Purpose-Process-Payoff
Purpose: Why are we meeting? Process: How will we meet? Payoff: What is the benefit for me and you?

12 Purpose-Process-Payoff
Reduces relationship tension Raises task tension Builds credibility Demonstrates empathy

13 Process for the Call Ask for 45-60 minutes of the prospect’s time.
Request the spouse’s presence at the meeting. Suggest and clarify meeting location and time.

14 Payoff of the Call Thank the prospect for agreeing to visit.
Note you hope the prospect will come away with a better understanding of the mission of Lutheran Child and Family Service.

15 Let’s Practice Write your own Purpose-Process-Payoff statement.
Find a partner and practice this technique.

16 Purpose-Process-Payoff
Introduce myself as a representative of LCFS. Get to know you. Provide an update on activities at LCSF. Thank you for your past support.

17 Purpose for the Call Identify self and your organization.
Give a one-sentence description of the reason for the call.

18 Process for the Call Our meeting will take approximately 45 minutes today.

19 Payoff for the Call You will be more fully informed about the various aspects of LCFS; know that your current support is appreciated; and how you can help further the goals the organization.

20 Purpose-Process-Payoff
I will get to know someone who supports the mission of this organization; additionally I will know more fully your interests related to funding opportunities related to LCFS.

21 Appointment Setting Details
Mention name of co-visitor, if applicable. Have in mind two alternative dates and times if you need to negotiate with the prospect. Repeat the logistical arrangements. Give your phone number as a point of contact. Thank them, and send a hand-written note confirming the visit (if time permits).

22 Preparing for the Visit
Useful Technique Called “Ben Duffy” used with permission from Wilson Learning Corporation

23 Ben Duffy Purpose Goal is to place yourself in the position of the person you are visiting and discover their point of view.

24 Ben Duffy Process Think about the other person’s concerns, issues and questions. List them in question form. Develop written responses.

25 Sample Ben Duffy Who are you? Will I like you and will you like me?
Can I trust you? Are you competent to help me? What do you want from me and will I like it? Will you listen to me and understand me?

26 Ben Duffy Exercise Form groups of three. Select a visit scenario.
Brainstorm Ben Duffy questions.

27 Ben Duffy Clusters Personal Process Institutional

28 Ben Duffy Personal Questions
Who are you? Will I like you and will you like me? Can I trust you? Are you competent to help me? Will you listen to me and understand me? What is in it for you?

29 Ben Duffy Process Questions
What do you want from me and will I like it? Can I do what you ask or will I have to say no? Why now? Why so much? Are there other expectations of me?

30 Ben Duffy Process Questions
How long will this take? How will we spend the time together? Will I like it or will it hurt? What is in it for me?

31 Ben Duffy Institutional Questions
What is your mission and do I care? Why support you and not another institution? Will I like and trust the leadership? What is your vision? What is your plan? Will my gift and time be wisely and beneficially used?

32 Successful Qualification Visits

33 Successful Qualification Visits
Key outcome for any successful visit is movement toward an agreement to return with a specific proposal and funding request.

34 Successful Qualification Visits
Tips for starting a successful qualification visit: Restate purpose for the visit, including agreed upon time to spend. Make time for casual conversation (builds a sense of commonality and connection). Ask for permission to begin and restate the purpose. Highlight the process and talk about the benefits for having spent this time together

35 Successful Qualification Visits
Discovery - a technique to use in the qualification visit. Ask for the prospect’s story about your organization. Look for matches between their story and preferences with the goals of your organization. Ask questions to clarify parts of his/her story. Use a summary statement at the end to move toward a request for a return visit.

36 Skill Building for Qualification Visits
Discovery exercise. Debbie has asked that you call on Jim Bigg to assess his potential as a possible major gift prospect. Mr. Bigg gave an initial gift two years ago after attending the College’s golf outing. One of the techniques learned was using a person’s Concordia story as a tool to discover more about his/her relationship with the agency. This is a technique you decide to employ.

37 Skill Building for Qualification Visit
Jim’s Concordia Story: Received substantial scholarship to attend. Feels grateful for the assistance and care directed toward him as a student. Disengaged but made an initial gift to after attending the golf outing.

38 Jim’s Concordia Story:
Has been impressed with the contact with the staff since making the gift. Has wanted to attend his summer reunion since making the gift but has been occupied with work and travel.

39 Skill Building for Qualification Visit
Discovery Exercise: Jim’s Concordia Story What are some of the qualities that make Jim Bigg a good prospect? What are some indications that Jim is not close enough to Concordia? Can you think of a question that might help clarify a piece of Jim’s story for you?

40 Skill Building for Qualification Visit
Sample Discovery Agreement Statement “Jim, thank you for spending this time with me today. I wanted to take the opportunity before we wrapped up to clarify a couple of things I heard you say today.”

41 Skill Building for Qualification Visit
Sample Discovery Agreement Statement “First, I learned that your experience at Concordia was a positive one. Is that correct? I think I also heard you say you were grateful to the faculty and staff for their mentorship and support. Did I get that part right?”

42 Skill Building for Qualification Visit
“Jim, you know I am a member of the development staff at Concordia. I am charged with helping our alumni more deeply engage with their alma mater, and find meaningful ways to connect and give back. Know I am grateful that I was able to talk with you about your connection to the College today.

43 Skill Building for Qualification Visit
Sample Discovery Agreement Statement “I wonder as a next step if you would allow me to visit with you again, perhaps with your wife concerning ways the two of you could more deeply connect with our educational ministry. Could we make a mutual agreement to set a time to talk about this?”

44 Questions? Michelle L. Janssen, CFRE Dean for College Advancement
Wabash College

45 Thanks for coming!

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