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Unpacking ELA Common Core State Standards

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1 Unpacking ELA Common Core State Standards
Coffee with the Principal January 14th & 16th

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Objectives Norms Common Core Review
Overview of Common Core Paradigm Shifts Overview of English Language Arts Common Core State Standards Unpacking Standards Parental Support Adjourn

3 Session Objectives By the end of this session I will have…
Knowledge of the shifts for English Language Arts Knowledge of the Structure of ELA Common Core State Standards Knowledge of how one standard evolves through the grade levels Reflection on Parental Support

4 Norms Be present. We are here to learn.
Balance your listening with your speaking. Seek solutions. Dirty laundry is for private meetings. When in doubt, schedule a meeting with your teacher. We are a collective community: teachers, parents, students. Politics Aside. This is our reality.

5 What Have We Learned So Far?

6 English Language Arts

7 Key Paradigm Shifts- English Language Arts
4 Domains 1) Reading 2) Writing 3) Speaking & Listening 4) Language Heavier Emphasis on… Non-fiction & Reading and Writing from non-fiction Increased emphasis on… Text Complexity Academic Vocabulary Increased use of… Argument and text-based responses in reading and writing

8 Structure of the Common Core
Three main sections K−5 (cross-disciplinary) 6−12 English Language Arts 6−12 Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Three appendices A: Research and evidence; glossary of key terms B: Reading text exemplars; sample performance tasks C: Annotated student writing samples Four domains Reading (including Reading Foundational Skills) Writing Speaking & Listening Language Anchor standards Ten Anchor standards Four groups of standards K-5 Categories - Literature, Informational Texts, and Foundational Skills 6th -12th Categories – ELA

9 Strand Sub-Strand Standard

10 Unpacking the Common Core
Unpacking is to translate the standard into what students should “know” and “be able to do”. Model: Reading Standards for Literature Key Ideas and Details Standard 1 Your Turn Reading Standards for Literature Key Ideas and Details Standard 2

11 Unpacking the Common Core
Group 1: Group 2: Group 3: Strand Reading Standards for Informational Text Writing Speaking & Listening Sub-strand Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Text Types and Purposes Comprehension & Collaboration Standard 9 1 2

12 Let’s Share

13 Unpacking The Common Core: Trends, Observations and Conclusions
Foundational Skills Informational Text Writing Speaking & Listening

14 Parental Support

15 You Can… Read and talk about varied texts (fiction & non-fiction)
Talk about reading & vocabulary and require textual support for responses Encourage Writing at home

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