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Expository Writing.

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1 Expository Writing

2 Before Writing Good writer’s need to use the writing process. Power and Pride Rock and Roll Every Friday.

3 Step 1: Power Power = Prompt Carefully read the prompt. The prompt is your directions on what to write. Read the next expository prompt.

4 Expository Prompt example:
READ the information in the box below. There are many places that are fun and exciting. It could be your bedroom or front yard. Some people might like their grandma’s house or fishing at the like. Others might like a vacation to the beach or amusement park THINK about the places you like. WRITE about the your favorite place. Describe the place and explain why it’s your favorite.

5 Topic Sentence 2nd Step Pride = Plan
Make sure you include words from the prompt to write a topic sentence. Example: My favorite place to visit is the beach. There are many cool places to visit. The beach will always be my favorite place.

6 2nd Step Pride = Plan It is important to make a plan for Your composition. This helps us get our thoughts organized. Some examples of plans are: 4 Square Bubble Map

7 Plan 4 Square Here is a great example of the 4 square plan:

8 2nd Step Pride = Plan Bubble Map

9 Step 3 Rock = Rough Draft Start writing your paper. Try to use your plan. Stay on topic!!! Include your central idea sentence (CIS) – words from the prompt Hook your reader Add details, examples and reasons The last sentence is your conclusion.

10 Step 4 Roll = Revise Checklist Here are some things to check on paper:
___ Do I have a central idea sentence that is about the prompt? ___ Do I have a hook or lead at the beginning? ___ Do I have strong details and examples? ___ Do I have a conclusion that includes the topic? ___ Did I change the beginnings of sentences? ___ Did I use transition words? ___ Do my sentences have SWAG?

11 Do you sentences have SWAG?
S Switch the order of my words and sentences. W Wow words and details A Add details to create picture G Get rid of sentences that are not about your topic.

12 Step 4 Roll = Revise revise. Great writers use transition words!
Add some transition words when you revise. Great writers use transition words! Check this site out for examples:

13 Step 4 Roll = Revise Add DETAILS. I like to play games with my family. We have lots of games, but my favorite is Candyland. I like to be the blue game piece, but I really wish there was a pink one. The best part of the game is when I get stuck in the chocolate. My mom gives me a Hershey Kiss while I am waiting to get out.

14 C capitalization U usage P punctuation S spelling
Step 5 Every = Edit C capitalization U usage P punctuation S spelling

15 Step 5 Every = Edit Editing Checklist
___ Did I capitalize the 1st word in sentence and proper nouns? ___ Did I use subject – verb agreement? ___ Do I have periods, apostrophes, commas? ___ Did I check my spelling?

16 Step 6 Friday = Final Copy
My paper is perfect and I can write my final copy!

17 Step 6 Friday = Final Copy
Read over you final copy 1 time. Make you sure all your words are there and periods.

18 Expository Prompt Practice
Click on site to try some other expository prompts.

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