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Genetic Modified Organisms

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1 Genetic Modified Organisms
GMO’s Conner White

2 What is GMO Genetically Modified Organisms are living things that, undergo some sort of genetic change to make the product more susceptible to the surroundings.

3 Why we use GMO’s Growing population Expenses Loss of land
Current World Population as of 4/29/15 7,240,080,600

4 Types of GMO’s Insect Resistance Herbicide Resistance
Improved Nutrition Content Disease Resistance

5 Insect Resistance Insect resistance is a highly desirable trait for agriculture. Higher Yields Lower cost of production Less use of hazardous pesticides

6 Herbicides Resistance
Herbicides are chemicals which kill weed species If not controlled weeds can significantly reduce yields They kill weeds without harming the plant Example “Roundup Ready” Crops

7 Improved Nutrition Content
Genetic engineering has been used to improve the nutritional content of cereal grains. An example is Golden Rice. Several genes have been introduced into Golden Rice that cause it to accumulate significant amounts of vitamin A

8 Disease Resistance Plants get diseases just like humans
These diseases can be hard to control Genetic engineering can be used to allow the direct insertion of disease resistance genes into the gene, potentially allowing for faster production of resistant plants.

9 Post-harvest Improvements
Storage and distribution are major challenges for some species Some crops ripen more easily than others Through genetics they will be able to have a longer life span

10 Pictures of GMO crops

11 More Pictures

12 Video

13 Quiz D. Gene Moldy Organism D. So D. So

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