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World History - Libertyville HS

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1 World History - Libertyville HS
The Ancient Eqyptians World History - Libertyville HS

2 Geography River valley in the middle of a desert
Desert prevented invaders from attacking Egypt Nile River over 4,100 miles long Flowed from S to N, emptying into the Med. Traveling the Nile (upriver / downriver) “Upper” vs. “Lower” Egypt Nile Delta: rich farmland

3 Merchants, soldiers, scribes
Social Hierarchy Social Hierarchy Very stratified society Pharaoh and family Nobility, priests, generals Merchants, soldiers, scribes Farmers, laborers (late in Egyptian history) Slaves Mobility up or down possible Women in Egypt Same rights as men Could own, trade property Propose marriage, seek divorce Pharaoh & family Nobility & priests Merchants, soldiers, scribes Farmers, laborers

4 Egyptian Technology Hieroglyphics
Pictographic writing Later, picture came to stand of for a sound (phonetic) First written on stone and clay L:ater written on papyrus, an early form of paper Calendar – helped anticipate Nile River flooding, planting seasons

5 Egyptian Technology Mathematics Medicine Excellent at geometry
Skillful engineers, architects Medicine Doctors could check pulse Set bones with splints Actually performed successful surgeries

6 Egyptian Religion After 3100 BC, pharaoh worshipped as a god
Other gods: Ra = sun god Horus = sky god Osiris = afterlife god Isis = mother & wife goddess

7 The Afterlife Egyptian belief in afterlife
Eternal life available to all Practice of mummification for elite, royal dead Embalm, dry corpse Remove all organs Wrap in wax cloth bandages Put in coffin in tomb surrounded by all things dead person would need in afterlife Buried pharaohs in pyramids or tombs

8 History of Egypt Early history
Upper Egypt crown Lower Egypt crown Early history years ago: first people moved into area River allowed easy communication Great unifier = King Narmer (ca BC) Legendary king who unified upper, lower Egypt Established Egyptian state Earliest hieroglyphics from this time Crowns of Lower, Upper Egypt Double Crown of Egypt

9 History of Egypt Early Dynastic Period (1st to 3rd Dynasties) ( BC) Highly organized society Irrigation projects Thus, politically unified state First step pyramid built Old Kingdom Period (4th to 8th Dynasties) ( BC) Primary pyramid building time (Great Pyramid) Hieroglyphics developed Many characteristics of later Egyptian society established

10 History of Egypt First Intermediate Period (9th to 11th Dynasties) ( BC) State split in two Rival Egyptians fought for power Middle Kingdom (11th to 14th Dynasties) (1975 to 1640 BC) United under strong pharaohs Conquered Nubia (gold mines) Classical period of art, literature

11 History of Egypt Second Intermediate Period (15th to 17th Dynasties) ( BC) Hyksos (Indo-European tribe from Palestine) invaded Lower Egypt Composite bows Metal (bronze) armor Chariot Hyksos were absorbed into dominant Egyptian culture Egyptian dynasties continued in South

12 History of Egypt New Kingdom (18th to 20th Dynasties) (1539-1075 BC)
Egyptians overthrew Hyksos in long war Egypt became an empire (Nubia, Palestine) Pharaohs were warriors, not priests Anti-foreigner movement (Jews thrown out of Egypt)

13 History of Egypt Third Intermediate Period (21st to 25th Dynasties) ( BC) “Sea People” invaded through Palestine Nubians conquered Egypt Late Period (26th to 30th Dynasties ( BC) Egypt conquered by Assyrians, then Persians Became independent in 404 BC

14 History of Egypt Greco-Roman Period (from 332 BC)
Conquered by Macedonians (Alexander the Great), 332 BC Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s generals, est. himself as king in 320 BC Romans conquered Egypt in 30 BC after defeating Mark Anthony & Cleopatra Rosetta stone carved, 196 BC

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