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Five Minute Writing Assignment What type of government controlled Ancient Egypt? Why? Theocracy.

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1 Five Minute Writing Assignment What type of government controlled Ancient Egypt? Why? Theocracy

2 Five Minute Writing Assignment What types of items and supplies were traded in Ancient Egypt?

3 Five Minute Writing Assignment List five characteristics of Mesopotamian civilization and list five characteristics of Egyptian civilization. Mesopotamia River (flooding/silt) City-state Dynasty Polytheism Ziggurats Code of laws Epic of Gilgamesh Egypt River (flooding/silt) Delta area Theocracy Pyramids Mummification Hieroglyphics papyrus

4 Egypt (Still Unit 2).

5 Egypt & The Nile Originally called Kemet, after the black soil that was located there. Later named Egypt by Greeks

6 Egypt Unites In the beginning, Egypt was separated into two kingdoms: –1. Lower Egypt –2. Upper Egypt

7 Early Peoples As early as 5000 years ago man began to settle in the Nile valley. Leaders united these early peoples into kingdoms. By 4000 BCE two main kingdoms dominated. –Upper- southern Egypt –Lower- northern Egypt

8 Lower Egypt Upper Egypt

9 King Menes (Namer) Established a capital, Memphis Established first Egyptian Dynasty Unites Upper and Lower Egypt

10 United Kingdom United lower and upper Egypt and wore a crown that symbolized its united kingdom

11 Pharaohs Egyptian kings = pharaohs The Egyptians viewed their pharaohs the same as the gods –KINGS WERE GODS Stood as center of religion as well as government and army Type of Government = Theocracy


13 The Old Kingdom 2700-2200 BCE Governed by a theocracy: government & religion ruled by same group or person. Pharaoh: religious and govt. leader of Ancient Egypt. Delegated many responsibilities to bureaucracy.

14 Middle Kingdom: Hyksos Rule 1700BCE Local leaders began to challenge the rule of the Thebans Hyksos, a people from western Asia swept into Egypt –Bronze Weapons –Horse Drawn Chariots Hyksos rule Egypt for 110 years

15 Rule of Ahmose 1600BCE Ahmose gathers forces and drives out the Hyksos This Begins the New Kingdom Extends empire to the East and North

16 Rebuilding Egypt First Ahmose then Hatshepsut are dedicated to restoring the glory of Egypt. 1480 BCE Hatshepsut comes to power, rules over Egypt as Pharaoh Builds up city of Thebes. With obelisks and statues

17 Ramses II & Decline Rules Egypt for 67 years Believed to be the Biblical Pharaoh that tormented Moses After his death in 1237 BCE Egypt begins a decline In 945 BCE Lybians and Kushites take control of Nile Valley

18 Trade By 3200 BC, Egyptians were trading with the Mesopotamians Also traded up and down the Nile –Gold –Ivory –Cattle –Granite blocks

19 Religion Polytheistic (?) 2,000 gods and goddesses Built huge temples to honor gods Believed in afterlife –Osiris – god of the dead


21 Social Very different from Mesopotamia Egypt’s united kingdom allowed –High degree of unity –Stability –Cultural continuity (common traditions/customs)

22 Life in Egyptian Society Pharaoh Royal Advisor Priests Traders/Merchants Slaves Ordinary Citizens

23 Intellectual Developed writing = hieroglyphics Developed written numbers for recording taxes –Addition, subtraction



26 Achievements Knowledge in math = skillful engineers –Pyramids –Palaces Egyptian Architects first to use stone columns in homes, palaces and temples 12 month, 365 day calendar from studying the stars –So accurate it was only 6 hours off from today’s calendar year

27 Egyptian Math & Draftsmenship 110100100010,000100,0001,000,000 What number is this?

28 Hieroglyphics “Alphabet” 24 “letters” + 700 phonetic symbols

29 Preparations for the Underworld Priests protected your KA, or soul- spirit ANUBIS weighs the dead person’s heart against a feather.

30 Preparation for the Afterlife

31 Egyptian Mummies Seti I 1291-1278 B. C. E. Queen Tiye, wife of Amenhotep II 1210-1200 B. C. E. Ramses II 1279-1212 B. C. E.

32 Plan of the Great Pyramids


34 Geography Nile River – 4,100 miles long, flows northward Every year in July the river flooded REGULARLY leaving behind rich soil. The Nile is the longest river in the world! Before emptying, marshy Nile Delta begins. In springtime the Nile floods & deposits fertile silt.



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