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Welcome. Communication Work Number: 407-249-6400 X 400272 Work

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1 Welcome

2 Communication Work Number: 407-249-6400 X 400272 Work Email:

3 Attendance - Students should enter classrooms at 8:30am - Students are marked TARDY after 8:45am - Excuse notes must be received on the day the student returns to school. - 5+ unexcused absences will be addressed by a social worker. - 5 tardies (late) = 1 unexcused absence

4 - Breakfast is from 8:00am – 8:30am - Breakfast AND Lunch are FREE -Please arrive by 8:15am if you plan to eat breakfast at school.

5 Report Card Conference Night October 29 th !

6 Please complete a meal application in order for our school to continue to offer FREE lunch and breakfast! OCPSMEALAPP.COM

7 Planners / Binders Planners are used for communication & daily behavior color; Please SIGN your child’s planner ever day!

8 Second Grade Team Website! Check out information such as Homework, Teacher Information, Expectations, Websites, and More!

9 READING Story structure: introduction, middle, conclusion. Story elements: characters, setting, plot Demonstrate understanding of key ideas and details. Know and use text features: bold print, subheadings, captions, icons, glossaries, indexes. Read with accuracy & fluency to support proficient comprehension.

10 How do I help my child *Read for 20 minutes every night! *Reading nightly helps children memorize hundreds of sight words *Sight word memorization helps students gain fluency in reading. * Fluent readers become more accurate and gain speed which enable them to read faster!

11 Our Goal is for your child to read at least 100 words in one minute.

12 Language Arts Demonstrate standards of English grammar and usage when writing, reading, speaking, or listening. Demonstrate understanding of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences. Write multiple paragraphs to inform, explain, express opinions, or narrate events.

13 Math -Recognition & Manipulation of numbers 0 - 1000. -Single, Double, & Triple digit addition and subtraction. -Geometry & Fractions. -Data Collection & Analysis. -Time, Money, & Measurement

14 Science The Practice of Science Earth Structures and Systems Patterns and Properties of Matter Changes in Matter Forms of Energy Forces and Changes in Motion Organization and Development of Living Organisms Heredity and Reproduction Interdependence

15 Homework - Read for 20 minutes - Fluency sheet - Spelling Practice - Math Practice Sheet - Practice Math +/- facts Planners -Sign daily

16 Thanks for coming to Open House!!!

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