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Oceanography 24 & 25 Ocean Zones TidesOcean Water Elements Grab bag 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 Oceanography 24 & 25 Ocean Zones TidesOcean Water Elements Grab bag 100 200 300 400 500

2 The bottom region of the ocean Answer

3 Benthic Zone Home

4 The movement of deep, cold, and nutrient-rich water to the surface Answer

5 Upwelling Home

6 The region of an ocean or body of fresh water above the benthic zone. Answer

7 Pelagic Zone Home

8 What are the two main solids dissolved in ocean water? Answer

9 Sodium and Chlorine Home

10 What are the 3 main temperature zones in the ocean? Answer

11 1. Surface water- solar energy 2. Thermocline- where Sun stops heating 3. Deep Water- cold water becomes dense & sinks Home

12 The water in the ocean moves in giant streams called ____ Answer

13 Home Currents

14 The shallow sea floor that is located between the shoreline and the deep- ocean bottom Answer

15 Continental Margin Home

16 What is SONAR? Answer

17 Sound Navigation and Ranging- uses sound waves to find depths of the ocean floor Home

18 What 2 factors affect the density of ocean water? Answer

19 Temperature and Salinity Home

20 What ocean floor feature is created at a subduction zone? Answer

21 Trench Home

22 A measure of the amount of dissolved salts in a given liquid Answer

23 Salinity Home

24 The ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance Answer

25 Density Home

26 The curving of the paths of ocean currents and winds due to Earth’s rotation is called the _________ Answer

27 Coriolis Effect Home

28 A layer in a body of water in which water temperature drops with increased depth faster than it does in other layers Answer

29 Thermocline Home

30 What are microscopic organisms that live in the sunlit zone, creating the base of the food chain? Answer

31 Plankton Home

32 Answer The force that causes tides is _____________

33 Gravity Home

34 Waves strike the coastline head-on instead of at an angle as a result of ________ Answer

35 Refraction Home

36 Gases dissolve most readily in what kind of water? Answer

37 Cold ocean water Home

38 Trace elements in the ocean are those minerals that are __________ in amount Answer

39 Smallest Home

40 Answer The 2 main gases dissolved in ocean water are ___________ and ________________

41 Nitrogen and oxygen Home

42 The distance the wind blows across an area of the sea to generate waves is known as _________ Answer

43 Fetch Home

44 2 identical points on consecutive waves pass a given point in one __________ Answer

45 Wave Period Home

46 What ocean floor feature is created when two oceanic plates diverge? Answer

47 Mid-ocean Ridge Home

48 What is the research vessel that laid the foundation for modern day oceanography? Answer

49 HMS Challenger Home

50 Deep currents are caused by differences in _____________ Answer

51 Density of ocean water Home

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