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Presentation On Computer Network Topic:-Transmission Media

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1 Presentation On Computer Network Topic:-Transmission Media
Subtopic:-Guided Media Unguided Media Submitted to: Submitted by:- Mr.Navdeep Bhandari Daljeet Singh Balwinder Kumar Baljinder Singh Amrinder Singh

2 Transmission Media Introduction Guided Media Twisted Pair
Coaxial Cable Optical Fiber Unguided Media Radiowaves Transmission Microwave Transmission Infrared Transmission Laser Transmission Satellite Transmission

3 Guided Media Guided Media is that contain some conducting material to carry data or signal. Many types of cable and wires fall under this category. Each of them has its own characteristics like transmission speed, effects of noise. Guided media is also known as wired media. In this we will use wires to send our data from one place to other place. It include: Twisted pair Coaxial Cable Optical fiber

4 Unguided Media It does not contain the signal in some physical conductor or metal. Rather, it transport electromagnetic signal through air. It is also known as wireless media. Because in this we are not using any king of cable. It includes: - Radio waves Micro waves Infrared waves

5 Radio waves Transmission
The Radio waves have frequencies between 3khz and1Ghz Radio waves are Omni direction Radio waves can penetrate buildings easily, so that are widely use for communication both indoors outdoors. They also absorbed by rains At high frequency, radio wave tends to travel in straight line and bounces off the obstacles.

6 Micro waves Transmission
Micro waves electromagnetic waves having frequency between 1 GHZ and 300 GHZ. There are two types of micro waves data communication system : terrestrial and satellite Micro waves are widely used for one to one communication between sender and receiver, cellular phone, satellite networks and in wireless LANs.


8 Infrared Waves Electromagnetic waves having frequencies from 300 GHz to 400 THz are called IR waves or Infrared waves. IR waves are used for short range communication and use line of sight propagation. Infrared waves cannot pass through solid objects, like walls and be easily contained in a room. They are cheap, easy to build and do not require any government license to use them. IR waves offer very bandwidth for use.

9 Laser Transmission This type of transmission use thin laser to transfer data up to few kilometers. Laser beams are unidirectional, therefore this type of transmission system use line of sight propagation. In such a transmission system, a photo detector and laser is set on both sender and receiver side. Such a system offer very high band width at a very low cost. Other disadvantage is that on hot sunny days these waves are affected by hot turbulent air and miss the detector. The major problem in this transmission system is that laser beams cannot penetrate rain or thick fog.



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