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Using the “Setup Assistant” to configure your new Mac Personalizing your new Mac.

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1 Using the “Setup Assistant” to configure your new Mac Personalizing your new Mac

2 When instructed to do so, press the power button in the top right corner of the keyboard to turn on your new Macintosh.

3 Select “Use English for the main language” - and click the right-arrow (continue) button.

4 Select “United States” and click the continue button.

5 Select “US” and click the continue button.

6 If prompted, do NOT select the school wireless network. Instead, click the “Other Network Option” button.

7 Select “My computer does not connect to the internet” and click continue. (the computer will connect to the internet automatically later)

8 Select “Don’t transfer now” and click the continue button.

9 Click “Continue” to skip past the Apple ID screen.

10 Review the License Agreement, then click “Continue”.

11 Click “Agree” to accept the License Agreement.

12 Do NOT fill out any of the registration information, and click continue.

13 You will be prompted that some of your information is missing, but that’s OK! Please click “Continue” again and it will skip the registration process.

14 In the first field, type your First and Last Name shown above. Press Tab on the keyboard to automatically select the next field. Enter your email username (not the full email address) in the Account Name field.

15 You’ll notice that the 2nd field removes all spaces and capitalization, which is normal behavior.

16 Create a password (that you’ll remember) – you can use your email password -- and a password hint (in case you forget!) and then click “Continue”.

17 Next, take a picture of yourself (or choose one from the library) as your profile picture. When you’re done, click Continue.

18 Change the time zone to Central by either clicking on the map, or typing the first few letters of Des Moines.

19 Next you’ll see a demo of how scrolling works on the trackpad.

20 Try it yourself by scrolling the text in the upper window. When you’re done, click “Start using Mac OS X Lion”.

21 You’ll then see the above screen while the imaging process completes. This process will take about a minute. NOTE: Do not shut your lid or turn the computer off during this process. The imaging process is finishing installing software

22 Once the imaging process finishes, the Mac will restart automatically.

23 Once the Mac restarts, you’ll be presented with a reminder screen about your school’s Acceptable Use Policy. Read this screen carefully, and then click “Accept”.

24 Once it restarts, it will log you in! (Note: your MacBook may restart a final time at this point) When the Mac restarts, you will be prompted to select a wireless network. If you are at Point or PHS select “CCSD-RA-A” or “CCSD-RA-G” If you are at any of the other buildings, select a network name with building initials in it – “PC”, “PV”, “PH”, etc… enter your email username (not full address) and password to connect. You will be prompted to save this information to your Keychain. You will need to login again to do this. This will only need to be done once.

25 Open Outlook by clicking the icon in the Dock. If the setup assistant runs, click “add account” button. If the assistant does not run, open the “Tools” menu and select “Accounts.” Click the first option – “Exchange Account.” Instructions for Setting up email (Outlook)

26 Fill out the form – enter you email address. In the “User Name” field enter – prairiepride\your username – please note there is no “.org” on prairiepride and the slash is a “back slash”. This key is located above the “Enter” or “Return” key. Put your password in the “Password” Field. Deselect the “Configure Automatically” checkbox. Enter – in the “Server” field. Click the “Add Account” button.

27 Click the “Continue” button. Then close the “Accounts” window. Outlook is now setup!

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