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Kenny McKenzie MRICS Chair of Building Control Professional Group

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1 Kenny McKenzie MRICS Chair of Building Control Professional Group
Developing professionals for Building Standards

2 What is RICS RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is an international professional body with over 100,000 members. We represent everything professional and ethical in land, property and construction.

3 Benefits of Membership
1.Staus: Professional credentials that provide unrivalled client confidence 2. Recognition: Standards in demand by governments and global markets 3. Market advantage: Our global influence ensures members’ professionalism is highly respected 4. Knowledge: International practice standards, professional guidance and CPD 5. Network: Over 100,000 RICS professionals worldwide RICS membership validates your professional status providing certainty of standards and ethics to clients. Professional standards are now more important than ever and RICS status demonstrates the highest standards of excellence and integrity. RICS is recognised as a trusted mark of excellence by governments, financial and commercial organisations worldwide. We are respected as the voice of land, property and construction with influence achieved through our international practice standards, policy and research, market analysis and economic commentary. All of this gives us a high media profile that builds the status of our professional qualification. Our standards are seeing unprecedented demand across key markets around the world. RICS qualifications provide a global passport with the professional, ethical and practice standards followed by members offering a major differentiator in the market. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables members to stay updated with the latest practice standards. With over 40,000 professionals on LinkedIn and 35,000 followers on Twitter, RICS provides a platform for intelligent debate and knowledge sharing with peers.

4 Professional Groups Construction
Building Control Building Surveying Project Management Quantity Surveying & Construction

5 Membership Level Student
RICS student membership can help you realise your potential and work to the highest standards at college or university. Our study assistance, career support and networking opportunities will help you work your way toward chartered status.

6 Membership Level Associate (AssocRICS)
Recognises the skills of individuals with relevant work experience and vocational qualifications. Providing a stepping stone to chartered status.

7 Membership Level Member (MRICS)
Membership offers an internationally recognised professional qualification that will increase your status in your field of work. Membership is only awarded to individuals who are prepared to maintain exemplary standards, for the public advantage.

8 Associate by experience 10 Years relevant experience
Registration Submission Online ethics module Assessment

9 Associate by Assessment 4 years relevant experience
Five technical competencies One of the optional Eight mandatory competencies

10 Member Graduate Route 1 RICS-accredited degree
24 months’ structured training Final assessment submissions Final assessment interview

11 Member Graduate Route 2 RICS-accredited degree & 5 years’ relevant experience 12 months’ structured training Final assessment submissions Final assessment interview

12 Member Graduate Route 3 RICS-accredited degree & 10 years’ relevant experience Structured training not required Final assessment submissions Final assessment interview

13 Questions

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