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Hans von Storch (ca 1970-1975 Progammierer bei Ramming und Sündermann)

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1 Hans von Storch (ca 1970-1975 Progammierer bei Ramming und Sündermann)

2 History 50 years GKSS – Institute for Physics (Profs. Michaelis, Grassl), - Institute for Hydrophysics/Atmospheric Physics (von Storch/Raschke), - Institute for Coastal Research (Colijn/von Storch) 50 years IfM Many years of cooperation

3 History: Issues Shallow water modelling (Duwe, Pfeiffer) Elbe-SFB 327, 1986 – 1995 (Wechselwirkungen zwischen abiotischen und biotischen Prozessen in der Tide-Elbe) Suspended matter dynamics ZISCH, KUSTOS and other North Sea projects Remote Sensing (Doerffer) Ocean waves (Rosenthal)

4 North Sea suspended matter


6 History: Export and Import, Joint Ventures GKSS makes MPI directors: Grassl, Claussen GKSS hires Hamburg expertise: Rosenthal (ocean waves) and von Storch (climate) Joint ventures: Kay Emeis, Anthropogeography

7 Die guten Geister der GKSS – ZMAW Kooperation

8 Recent and Ongoing Cooperations CLISAP SFB 512 EXTROP LINCS (failed …) Kay Emeis Anthropogeography Mostly ad-hoc, not strategically planned. No agree-upon division of labour

9 Ongoing Work at IfK@gkss CoastDat (KS – von Storch) North Sea Observatory (KO – Colijn) Maintance and improvement of wave models (Günther) Development of ecosystem model (Wirtz) Marine bioanalytical chemistry (Prange)

10 Institute for Coastal Research FerryBox - An Observation System for the Assessment of the Coastal and Shelf Sea Ecosystem Variables: temperature salinity turbidity chlorophyll oxygen, pH algae groups nutrients Measured Variables + automatic water sampler for further lab analyis

11 Institute for Coastal Research GKSS in Geesthacht The coastDat system provides long and high-resolution reconstructions of recent offshore and coastal conditions and scenarios of possible future marine weather. The data are derived in a cascade of downscaling steps, from global weather, regional weather, regional hydrodynamics and other systems, ending with local conditions Key variables: Storms, marine winds, waves, currents, water levels, airborne transport (of lead and BaP). Joint effort with BAW. Data used by, e.g. DWD, BSH, ALR Husum, FS Küste, HPA, engineering offices, ship-building industry and others.

12 Cooperationpartners of IfK@gkss MARCOPOLI programm with AWI in the framework of HGF. Peer-reviewed program with financial leverage. ZMAW – IfK@gkss is an associate partner. GKSS has two offices in ZMAW building. Regional partners, in particular authorities and companies, such as BAW, BSH … Universities: Lüneburg, Kiel (FTZ Büsum), Oldenburg

13 Institute for Coastal Research GKSS in Geesthacht MARCOPOLI: mission statement This Programme Topic advances fundamental coastal science and provides a scientific basis for rational coastal management. Our approach integrates basic research on climate, ecosystem diversity, and ecological chemistry in the coastal zone with innovative applied perspectives, including regional impacts of Global Change. Coastal Change: long term trends and extreme events (von Storch) Coastal Diversity: key species and food webs (Kai Wirtz) Chemical Interactions: ecological functions and effects (Andreas Prange) Observation and Information for Coastal Management (Roland Doerffer) Research Topics Cooperation GKSS-AWI

14 IfK@gkss and the Standort Hamburg A variety of joint interests, … with GKSS being strong on regional modeling and analysis, and on monitoring technology. Synergies not fully developed so far. Too little is known in IfM about GKSS. Joint ventures: ZMAW, DKRZ, IMPRS Joint responsibilities - von Storch at MI, - Kay Emeis at GKSS Hopefully, new efforts LINCS and CLISAP will be successful. Standort Hamburg is not just ZMAW but also institutions such as BAW, BSH, BFA, DWD.



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