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Unit 4 Chapter 8 section 1 Royal power grows Goals:

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1 Unit 4 Chapter 8 section 1 Royal power grows Goals:
Understand how Kings centralized their authority in the high middle ages Understand how England developed as a Limited Monarchy and France as an Absolute Monarchy.

2 Geography

3 The Birth of England History of the Island of Great Britain
Following the fall of Rome in the 5th Century Germanic invaders (Angles, Saxons and Jutes) took the island Locals (Picts, Celts, ) Alfred the Great (Wessex ) First man to Unite the 7 kingdoms (against the Danish Vikings) Won support as King of all England Began tradition of “consulting” his Barons Limited monarchy introduced The Birth of England

4 The problems of succession
King Edward the Confessor died with no heir in 1066 English Barons elect Harold II Edward’s brother in law Edward’s cousin William Duke of Normandy claims Edward promised him the throne William finally invades and defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hastings in October of 1066 The problems of succession

5 William I (1066-1087) Subdued Saxon revolts Built castles
Gave his Norman Barons 5/6 of the land Loyalty oaths The Domesday Book Efficient taxation

6 The Plantagenet or Angevin Dynasty
The Norman Kings of England come to an end after the reign of Henry I The Next dynasty: The Plantagenets His daughter Matilda married Duke Geoffrey of Anjou (France) Their son Henry II became the first Plantagenet King of England The Plantagenet or Angevin Dynasty


8 Henry II Married Eleanor of Aquitaine
Sons Richard I (“Lion heart”) John I (“soft sword” or “Lackland”) Ruled over England and most of France Developed a unified legal system Common Law Jury system Henry II

9 English possessions in France

10 Richard I (1189-1199) “Couer De Lion” Spoke little English
Only 7 months in England Emptied the treasury with many wars, ransom Died in France

11 Angevin Lands

12 John I (1199-1216) “Lackland” lost Normandy and Anjou
Heavy debt (lots of new taxes), confiscated Church property, abusive and corrupt Feuded with Innocent III over appointment of Bishop(Entire island placed under Interdict) 1215 at Runnymede forced to sign Magna Carta (foundation of Limited monarchy) Preserved rights of the Nobles against the monarchy (ex: Taxation only with approval of Great Council, rights of the accused) 1200’s Parliament develops in a modern sense (two houses) gains the power of the purse and limits the King’s power John I ( )

13 Rule of law Powers and privileges of the king are clearly defined and limited Charter provides for enforcement of restrictions placed on the king Fairness of the laws and their execution "Reasonable" rules and regulations Equal justice under the law Recognition of customs, traditions, and established rights Restoration of property and fines if not justly taken Punishment in proportion to the crime Commitment to "due process of law" Established procedures No trial without evidence/testimony to support accusations Reliance on local courts and magistrates Trials held in a timely manner Trials open to the public Trial by a jury of one's peers Respect for economic rights Right to property Fairness in economic transactions—standard weights and measures Reimbursement for and/or restoration of property Freedom for merchants to move in order to conduct business

14 The Capetian dynasty (replaced the Carolingians) Hugh Capet 1st Capetian King in 987
They controlled very little land Most of the country dominated by powerful feudal princes Slowly established a solid power base and eventually imposed their will on French Nobles France

15 Phillip II Augustus Phillip II Augustus King at 25
Goal weaken power of English Kings in France Took Normandy back from John in 1204 New administration for France Used middle class “bailiffs” instead of nobles to collect taxes and administer the kings law Absolute Monarchy is the result Estates General eventually created but is too weak to cut into kings power (no power of the purse) Why? Phillip II Augustus


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