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LCD Panel Training Manual 2008. 3. 15 VD R&D 4Lab.

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1 LCD Panel Training Manual 2008. 3. 15 VD R&D 4Lab.

2 Contents 1.LCD Panel Structure & Operation 2. LCD Panel Manufacturing Process 3. Q&A

3 LCD Panel Structure & Operation

4 LCD On/Off Theory OFFON d=p/4

5 TN Mode

6 Panel Structure

7 LCD Module BLU

8 Gate(Al-Nd) Drain(Cr) ITO Source(Cr) a-Si G(gate) Cst (storage capacitance) Drain(Cr) Color FilterBM(Black Matrix) Polarize plate C LC Cross section LCD Cell

9 T-con & Driver

10 T-Con Block Diagram

11 Gate Driver IC BUFFER SHIFT REGISTER Carry in Gate Clock Carry out Vcom Von Voff out(1~n) INPUT CIRCUIT CPV U/D OE1 OE2 OE3 STV INPUT CONTROL

12 Source Driver IC Shift Register D/A Converter Latch R(0:N) G(0:N) B(0:N) STH(Carry in) DCLK LOAD Signal(TP) Rising Carry Out V0 V1 Vn Voltage follower output LOAD Signal(TP) Falling n channel output 64 * 1 Decoder 64 * 1 Decoder OP AMP Vcom Data L/R

13 LC Operation Gate line Source line Liquid crystal layer storage capacitor Cst 액정 capacitor Clc Display electrode Common electrode Vcom Liquid crystal layer storage capacitor Cst 액정 capacitor Clc Display electrode Common electrode Vcom Gate OnGate Off Gate OnGate Off When Gate is off, Ioff current leaks and Storage capacitor (Cst) is used for clamp the data voltage during Gate off-period Data voltage Vcom Gate On Voltage Gate Off Voltage ΔV Voltage drop

14 LVDS Interface

15 Timing 628H Vsync Hsync DE 4H23H600H1H Hsync CLK DE DATAINVALIDVALID 1056clk 128clk88clk800clk40clk

16 RSDS Interface


18 mini-LVDS Interface

19 PPDS Interface

20 AiPi Interface

21 Gamma correction

22 Panel Manufacturing Process

23 TFT Array Process Gate Insulation Layer (SiNX) Gate electrode & Cs electrode Glass Substrate Gate electrode Data pattern

24 Color Filter Array Process Glass Substrate (Depth 0.7mm) Common Electrode Over Coat


26 Color Filter Pixel Design

27 LC Cell Process Pixel electrode (ITO) Common electrode (ITO) Polarizer PI Layer Polarizer TFT-Array Glass Color filter Glass LC


29 PI Print Process Alignment Layer Move Alignment Layer (T<100 Å) PI Mask

30 Seal Print Process Alignment Layer Seal pattern TFT Array Substrate TFT-Array Substrate

31 Short Dispense Process TFT Array Substrate Common Electrode Alignment Layer Seal pattern LC Injection Color filter Substrate

32 Spacer Process Color filter Glass

33 LC Drop Filling Process


35 Cell Scribe & Break Process LCD Panel

36 Polarizer Attachment Process

37 LCM Process Output

38 COG & TAB

39 TCP Bonding Process

40 Handling Cautions ☞ Do not twist & bend on the module. ☞ Refrain from strong mechanical shock or any force to the module. ☞ Do not press or scratch the surface harder than a HB pencil lead. ☞ Wipe off water droplets or oil immediately ☞ When the surface of polarizer is dirty, Clean with IPA, Hexane. ☞ Do not use Acetone, Ethyl alcohol & Keton type materials. ☞ Protect the module from the electro-static discharge. ☞ When the module is assembled in the set, Use finger rubber. ☞ Do not adjust the variable resistor. ☞ Do not store the TFT-LCD module in the direct sunlight. ☞ Power off, When you connect or remove the module.

41 Thank You !

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