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1 CP586 © Peter Lo 2003 Multimedia Communication Font and Text.

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1 1 CP586 © Peter Lo 2003 Multimedia Communication Font and Text

2 CP586 © Peter Lo 20032 Text Text is one of the most important aspects of visual communication. Text is a symbolic representation that can be used to communicate thoughts and ideas. Multimedia applications use text to explain concepts, messages and provide impact. Moveable type made of clay and wood was invented in China during the ninth century.

3 CP586 © Peter Lo 20033 Guttenberg Johannes Guttenberg (died 1468) is credited with developing what is known today as the modern printing press. He created metal alloys suitable for making type, processes for the manufacture of ink and implemented bookmaking techniques. It took him two years to set the type for his bible and another two years to print a total of 210 copies.

4 CP586 © Peter Lo 20034 Text Technology Typography is described as the mechanical reproduction of words. Text technology is based on creating letters, numbers and special characters. Typefaces are the graphical representation of letters, numbers and characters. A font is a particular size of typeface.

5 CP586 © Peter Lo 20035 Typeface A design for a set of characters. Popular typefaces include Times Roman, Helvetica, and Courier. The typeface represents one aspect of a font. The font also includes such characteristics as style, size, weight, italics, and so on.

6 CP586 © Peter Lo 20036 Typeface Typeface design usually falls into two separate categories. Serif Fonts : Serif font has small decorative tips or flags at the end of strokes that add visual character and interest to the appearance of the type. Sans Serif Fonts : Sans Serif type does not have these strokes called “Serifs”. The term “Sans” is French for “Without”.

7 CP586 © Peter Lo 20037 Typeface

8 8 Fonts A design for a set of characters which is the combination of typeface and other qualities, such as size, pitch, and spacing. A font is said to be fixed pitch if every character has the same width. The width of a proportional font changes depending on the shape of the character. The height of a font is measured in points.

9 CP586 © Peter Lo 20039 Fonts

10 10 Fonts Times New Roman. Arial. Arial Narrow. Impact. Modern. Comic Sans MS. Underline. BOLD.

11 CP586 © Peter Lo 200311 Text Data Files ASCII American Standard Code for Exchange of Information Interchange. The ASCII character set requires 7 bits. ANSI American National Standards Institute, extended character set. The ANSI character set uses all 8 bits.

12 CP586 © Peter Lo 200312 Encoded Text Encoded text uses embedded codes to determine the appearance of text. HTML is a form of encoded text. This is a heading. This is text in a paragraph. An in-line image tag An anchor tag A line break tag.

13 CP586 © Peter Lo 200313 Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Can be used to create more relevant indexes by reading specific areas of the image to extract information such as date, customer name, delivery address. Using a "point and shoot" OCR application that can operate in batch mode, allows for highly automated scanning and indexing.

14 CP586 © Peter Lo 200314 Reference Multimedia, Technology and Applications (Ch. 4)

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