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Eastern Washington Affiliate Grant Applicant Workshop Cindy Corbett, PhD, RN E’lise Balogh, B.S.

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1 Eastern Washington Affiliate Grant Applicant Workshop Cindy Corbett, PhD, RN E’lise Balogh, B.S.

2 Eastern Washington Affiliate Susan G. Komen vision, mission, history E. WA Affiliate funding opportunities 2011 & 2015 Community Profile 2015 Grant Priorities 2015 Community Grants RFA Komen Grants eManagement System (GeMS)

3 Eastern Washington Affiliate 1.Familiarize applicants with the vision, mission, and strategies of Susan G. Komen 2.Inform potential applicants about funding opportunities 3.Provide key guidelines for preparing a competitive proposal 4.Introduction to Komen Grants eManagement System

4 Eastern Washington Affiliate

5 < 1 million people, 14% of WA state Largely rural Mostly white, non-Hispanic

6 Eastern Washington Affiliate WA state, 3 rd highest incidence in US WA state, 35 th in mortality rate E. WA counties in general have lower screening rate for breast cancer, especially in rural counties E. WA female breast CA more likely to be detected at advanced stage

7 Eastern Washington Affiliate Priority counties: –Asotin –Benton –Okanogan/Ferry –Spokane –Stevens

8 Eastern Washington Affiliate High rates of: medically underserved groups late stage breast cancer diagnosis breast cancer-related deaths

9 Eastern Washington Affiliate Increase screening mammography rates among rural, Native American, Hispanic and foreign-born populations. Reduce late stage diagnosis by improving education and awareness about breast cancer screening and care access among women with low income (≤ 200% poverty level) and low education (< 12 years formal education). Reduce barriers to obtaining screening and comprehensive breast health services, such as fear, cultural incongruence, financial, transportation, and childcare, particularly among rural, Native American, Hispanic and foreign-born populations

10 Eastern Washington Affiliate Maximum $30,000 total grant Maximum $5000 for equipment Sufficient progress toward goals and expenditures during first 6 months of grant prior to disbursement 2 nd half of grant

11 Eastern Washington Affiliate Grant writing WorkshopNov. 24, 2014, 9-10:30 a.m. OR Dec. 4, 2014, 3-4:30 p.m. Application DeadlineJan. 15, 2015, 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time Award NotificationMarch 20, 2015 Award PeriodApril 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016 Grantee ReceptionMay 20, 2015

12 Eastern Washington Affiliate Tax exempt organization No issues with fraud/financial impropriety All past and current Komen-funded grants and awards are up to date and in compliance with Komen requirements Be located in or providing services in one or more of the 14 Affiliate counties

13 Eastern Washington Affiliate Components include: Organization capacity Statement of need Project description Collaboration Sustainability Evaluation Attachments inlcude: Key personnel (resume or CV) Proof of Tax-Exempt Status Letters of collaboration, MOUs, sub-contracts etc. Evaluation forms, surveys, logic models etc.

14 Eastern Washington Affiliate Some sections limited to 3,500 characters other sections limited to 1,500 or 300 characters. This includes punctuation and spaces. Refer to RFA for descriptors of content to include in each section

15 Eastern Washington Affiliate Salaries and fringe benefits for staff working on the program: limited to specific time on grant activities Consultant fees: allowable within reason Meeting Costs Supplies Travel Indirect costs, not to exceed 10% total budget Maximum $5000 equipment, breast health only use

16 Eastern Washington Affiliate Medical or scientific research (costs associated with program evaluation are allowed) Media projects (film, radio, web sites, public service announcements, etc.) Construction or renovation of facilities Capital campaigns or equipment Monthly breast self-examination And others-refer to RFA

17 Eastern Washington Affiliate Impact (30%) Feasibility (20%) Capacity (20%) Collaboration (15%) Sustainability (10%) Acknowledgement (5%)

18 Eastern Washington Affiliate Additional Consideration: Compliance Check—organization in good standing Prior grantees: –Timeliness of reports –Met goals & objectives –Rescinded funding or termination of contract

19 Eastern Washington Affiliate

20 Read everything! Consider the funding priorities carefully. Discuss ideas with decision-makers in your organization. Explore opportunities for collaboration. Prepare proposal together.

21 Eastern Washington Affiliate Begin early and submit early! Seek consultation as needed Demonstrate need and fit with priorities Provide unique identifiers for goals & objectives instead of numbers

22 Eastern Washington Affiliate Write sections separately using a word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word) and save after checking character length and spelling Have your grant reviewed by someone who is not involved in writing it with you Cut & paste into GeMS

23 Eastern Washington Affiliate Many specific insurance requirements –see RFA page 3 –Examples: liability, workers comp Komen acknowledgement—now part of grant score If awarded grant, review your application to be sure implementation is consistent with proposal

24 Eastern Washington Affiliate Projects become reality because the central idea is sold, not because the proposal is cheap! Be realistic! Ask for what you need, but be cognizant of good fiscal stewardship. Don’t over-promise; be sure you can implement what you propose

25 Eastern Washington Affiliate Read the RFA carefully — follow ALL directions. Be innovative, realistic, specific. Write clearly, use active rather than passive voice. Avoid jargon or acronyms. Allow plenty of time; complete submission at least a day before deadline.

26 Eastern Washington Affiliate  Provide one central location for all Komen applicants and grantees to complete all tasks associated with the Komen grant process.  Assist grantees in evaluating their project.  Provide the Affiliate more time to build relationships with applicants and grantees.  Provides standardized database for affiliate and for Komen International 26

27 GeMS Web Address

28 Eastern Washington Affiliate 28

29 Eastern Washington Affiliate The Project Director must be the first individual at your organization to register. The Authorized Signer must register and be validated/approved prior to the creation of the organization’s first application. 29

30 Eastern Washington Affiliate The role of Project Director should be assigned to the individual at your organization that will serve as the project’s lead contact. This individual is responsible for validating all new users when they register for the system under their organization. This individual will have the highest level of access in the system and will be responsible for overseeing all of the administrative functions available such as application creation and completion. 30

31 Eastern Washington Affiliate The role of Authorized Signer should be assigned to the individual at your organization that has the authority to sign legal documents on behalf of the organization. This individual is responsible for reviewing and electronically signing the application before submission and the grant contract and reports if the organization is awarded funds. 31

32 Eastern Washington Affiliate The role of writer should be assigned to any individual that needs access to an organization’s application process to help complete the application but does not have the authority to complete the submission process. This individual cannot change the status of an application and will not have administrative function availability. 32

33 Eastern Washington Affiliate The role of viewer should be assigned to any individual at your organization that needs access to view the organization’s information but does not need the functionality to save, add, edit, or change anything within the organization’s information. 33

34 Eastern Washington Affiliate 34

35 Eastern Washington Affiliate Username: All letters and numbers Minimum 5 characters, maximum 20 characters Password: All letters and numbers Minimum 7 characters, maximum 20 characters

36 Eastern Washington Affiliate 36

37 Eastern Washington Affiliate 37

38 Eastern Washington Affiliate After you save your contact and organization information, your account must be approved before you have access to the system. You will receive two email communications as part of the registrations process: Registration Submitted Access Granted 38

39 Eastern Washington Affiliate Project Directors will be approved/validated by an Affiliate representative. All other users will be approved/validated by the organization’s Project Director. 39

40 Eastern Washington Affiliate 40

41 Eastern Washington Affiliate 41

42 Eastern Washington Affiliate 42 From the User Homepage, click the “View Opportunities” button.

43 Eastern Washington Affiliate 43 For grant programs you are eligible to apply for you will see an “Apply Now” button under the description of the grant. Click the “Apply Now” button to continue to initiate a new application.

44 Eastern Washington Affiliate 44 A confirmation page will appear. By clicking the “I agree” button you will initiate a new application.

45 Eastern Washington Affiliate 45

46 Eastern Washington Affiliate 46

47 Eastern Washington Affiliate 47 Important Reminders: Always select the Save button before leaving a page. Utilize the navigation links at the bottom of the page. Always refer to the RFA while completing the application.

48 Eastern Washington Affiliate 48 Project Director must change the status of the application to “Authorized Signature Required”. Authorized Signer must finalize the submission by changing the status to “Application Submitted”.

49 Eastern Washington Affiliate 49 Click on “Open My Tasks”. Select the grant you would like to submit from your task list.

50 Eastern Washington Affiliate 50 Click on “View Status Options” to review the available statuses for the application.

51 Eastern Washington Affiliate 51 Click “Apply Status” under the appropriate status.

52 Question and Answer 52

53 Eastern Washington Affiliate Cindy Corbett, Grants Chairperson 509-324-7404 Cindy Fitzgerald, Grants Chairperson Elect 509-324-7279 E’lise Balogh, Mission Coordinator 509-315-5940

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