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Nuclear Power in Perspective. Where does it fit in the global energy portfolio?

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1 Nuclear Power in Perspective

2 Where does it fit in the global energy portfolio?

3 Global Total Primary Energy Supply, 2009 Nuclear provides about 6% of total energy and 13.5% of global electricity generation Data: International Energy Agency

4 Top 10 Nuclear Generating Countries Data: Energy Information Administration

5 Global Oil Production and Consumption (2010 estimates) Oil Producers (millions barrels per day) Oil Consumers (millions barrels per day) Saudi Arabia10.520U.S. 19.150 Russia10.270European Union 13.680 U.S. 9.688China 9.400 Iran 4.252Japan 4.452 China 4.073India 3.182 Canada 3.483Saudi Arabia 2.643 Mexico 2.983Germany 2.495 UAE 2.813Canada 2.209 Iraq 2.642Russia 2.199 Nigeria 2.458South Korea 2.195 Data: CIA World Fact Book 2012

6 Global Natural Gas Production and Consumption (2008) Natural Gas Producers (billions cubic meters) Natural Gas Consumers (billions cubic meters) U.S.611.0U.S.683.3 Russia588.9 European Union 515.0 European Union182.3Russia414.1 Canada152.3Iran137.5 Iran138.5 China 129.0 Qatar116.7Japan100.3 Norway106.3Germany99.5 China102.5UK94.3 Netherlands85.2Saudi Arabia83.9 Algeria85.1Canada82.5 Global Natural Gas Production and Consumption (2010 estimates) Data: CIA World Fact Book 2012

7 Coal Producers (Thousand Short Tons) Coal Consumers (Thousand Short Tons) China 3,522,973 China 3,695,378 United States 1,085,281 United States 1,048,295 India 622,818 Russia 256,796 Australia 463,256 Germany 255,746 Indonesia 370,379 South Africa 206,193 Russia 357,043 Japan 205,983 South Africa 280,788 Poland 148,870 Germany 200,955 Australia 145,156 Poland 146,237 South Korea 125,575 Kazakhstan 122,135 Turkey 109,120 Global Production and Consumption of Coal (2010) Data: Energy Information Administration

8 Country Net Energy Imports as % of Energy use Total Consumption (Trillions of BTU) Consumption per head (kg oil equivalent) Japan 81 22,473.19 4,040 South Korea 80 9,647.06 4,346 France 49 11,206.47 4,518 U.S. 22101,553.86 7,795 India 23 19,093.68 512 United Kingdom 27 9,460.27 3,918 China 877,807.73 1,138 Canada-55 13,752.63 8,300 Russia-83 30,354.82 4,423 Saudi Arabia-235 7,362.72 5,582 Global Energy Dependence and Independence Data: The World Bank

9 U.S. Primary Energy Consumption Source and Sector U.S. Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector, 2010 (Quadrillion Btu) Data: Energy Information Administration

10 U.S. Electricity Flow Data: Energy Information Administration U.S. Electricity Flow, 2010 (Quadrillion Btu)


12 Nuclear Energy Production Although the national percentage of nuclear generated electricity is 19.2%, it varies from state to state. VT- 73.3% NH-49.1% TN-33.4% NY-30.6% MN-25% KS-19.7% MA-13.8% MO-9.7% CT-50.3% IL-47.8% MD-32.1% AZ-27.9% AR-24.7% LA-18.2% OH-11% WA-9.1% NJ-49.9% VA-36.3% NC-31.7% MI-26.3% GA-24.3% MS-17.7% FL-10.5% IA-7.8% SC-49.9% PA-33.8% NE-30.9% AL-25% WI-20.6% CA-15.9% TX-10.1% Percent of Nuclear Power Generated into Electricity Data: Nuclear Energy Institute

13 Solutions to Global Warming

14 Fifteen Ways to Stabilize CO 2 Emissions Of the 15 methods (wedges) proposed by a Princeton University study, 13 of them relate energy use. Implementation of any 7 would accomplish the goal of stabilizing emissions. 1. Efficient vehicles 2. Reduced use of vehicles 3. Efficient buildings 4. Efficient coal power plants 5. Gas instead of coal power plants 6. Capture CO 2 at base load power plant 7. Nuclear power for coal power 8. Wind power for coal power 9. Photovoltaic power for coal power 10. Capture CO 2 at H 2 plant 11. Capture CO 2 at coal-to-synfuels plant 12. Wind H 2 in fuel-cell car for gasoline in hybrid car 13. Biomass fuel for fossil fuel

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